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Nine Chronicles Game Guide: Attributes & Crafting

Followed by our previous article about the battle system in Nine Chronicles, let’s find out other interesting parts of the game and something that can’t be missed when it comes to playing an RPG game. The character progression.


What else could matter more than improving the attributes if you wanted to grow your character stronger? Your character’s attributes can be seen by clicking the ‘Character’ section at the bottom of the main screen or right before you start your journey in a stage. In Nine Chronicles there are six attributes.

  • HP that governs your health.
  • ATK governing how much damage you do.
  • DEF that lets you take less damage from monsters.
  • CRI enabling you to do critical attacks on a probabilistic manner.
  • HIT for how likely your strike will land on the monsters. And;
  • SPD that governs how fast your turn for action will come.

The stats in white indicates your base attributes based on your level. The ones in green show the additional attributes that come from your equipment.

Other attributes except ‘CRI’ can be increased by leveling up your character. And all attributes (including CRI) can be enhanced by wearing better equipment, upgrading your equipment, and temporarily by using consumables.


You can create and upgrade a variety of equipment at the blacksmith. Crafting requires three elements which are recipe, materials, and NCG if you wish to craft an item of a higher tier. Recipe unlocks as you progress to higher stages and materials are given as rewards for completing the stage.

When crafting specific equipment, you can select one of three types of equipment that have differing options. Required materials vary depending on the type of equipment you want to create. Crafting is for free unless you aim to craft a type having generally better stats and options which require NCG to be paid.

Higher tiered equipment not only have better attributes but also have additional stats such as skills and special attributes. Since all equipment has different skills and additional stat benefits, there is room for strategizing that could add uniqueness to your character. If you preferred to be a tanker you could selectively craft equipment having better options for HP. If you wished to be a damage dealer, then equipment with higher CRI should be suitable for you.

One of the characteristics of crafting in Nine Chronicles is that the crafting time is in fact the number of blocks required to be added at the block height where crafting has started. Crafting time is fixed depending on the type of equipment you are creating regardless of NCG spent. For instance, crafting swords take 240 new blocks to be created while crafting rings require 1,800 blocks to be added. The only way to shorten the crafting time is using the valuable ‘hourglass’ item.


Strong equipment that requires NCG for crafting makes your progression in defeating stages way easier. However, you will be hitting the wall just as quickly as you progress due to the monsters get stronger following your progress. If you find yourself in a situation that new stronger equipment hasn’t been unlocked and need to strengthen your character, upgrading the equipment you already have is the solution.

Equipment can be upgraded by combining the items of the same kind and at some degree of enhancement. Especially, when you are upgrading equipment to +4 and +7, it will be enchanted with higher attributes and possibly, a new skill. But it will demand NCG to be paid.


You could temporarily boost your attributes by utilizing consumables for one stage. This is especially useful when used at appropriate moments even though the boost lasts for one stage only. Defeating the boss stage and quickly advancing to the next level are the instances where consumables come in real handy.

You could equip up to 5 consumables for one stage before you start the battle. Since the food materials can be only obtained by completing quests, the players have to consider carefully as to when to use the consumables. We will be introducing other ways for the players to get rare food materials in the future such as staking NCG for the materials and rare ingredients.

Our next article will be about other exciting features of Nine Chronicles that haven’t been covered yet which are the Arena and the Marketplace.




Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. Play, mine, govern together: this world is yours to keep.

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Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players.

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