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Nine Chronicles, Mainnet Launch and Beyond

Hello everyone!

Planetarium team is currently focusing on the final QA process and security audit for the mainnet launch of Nine Chronicles. We are working hard to provide a polished gaming experience right from the beginning, and we can’t thank our community enough for all your feedback and support.

Today, we’d like to share the kind of experience the early access version of Nine Chronicles will provide, and how we will evolve Nine Chronicles from there on.

Early Access Version: The first open-source MMO, faithful to the basics

Nine Chronicles is a serverless MMO game of a kind that has never existed before.

Our current goal is to faithfully implement a serverless MMO true to the vision, with polished and plenty of content for the players to enjoy. When you connect to the main network for the first time through the Early Access build, you will unlock a total of four complete worlds and higher-tier items, many of which have not been available in beta. PvP, ranking system, market will also see many improvements from the beta.

But there is another important item. As promised, we will open-source the entire game code of Nine Chronicles on the mainnet launch date, allowing anyone to freely mod and extend the client. MMOs that have been released previously are dependant on the game company server, and their moddability has been limited. Nine Chronicles will provide an unprecedented opportunity to expand the MMO gaming experience through distributed ledger and advanced P2P networking technology.

For example, players can send in bug fixes or game improvements by creating a pull request on GitHub. If the pull request is accepted through the review of the core dev team, the update will be included in the next client deployment.

What’s even more amazing is that even if the pull request is rejected by the core development team, players can still use this forked version. Variations that do not affect the game economy (e.g. character appearance changes) can be used simultaneously on the same mainnet. Even if the variations affect the game economy, you can choose to start a new mainnet, or hard fork from a specific block of the current mainnet to create your own Nine Chronicles network. All of this does not require permission from our team.

We believe in the huge potential of the community to come up with ideas and opportunities beyond our own creation. We look forward to experiments that were not previously possible in the game industry!

Decentralizating management & operation

In the early access version, the genesis block will internally assign an account corresponding to the GM (game manager) role, and the GM will start with various key privileges. For example, updating the game’s world balances on-chain or issuing an activation key to invite new players can only be performed by the GM account. These are areas that require trial and error because they are still difficult to define as a protocol, or require frequent corrections in response to initial play patterns.

But ultimately, this GM role will disappear at some point. By protocolizing possible features and by integrating them into the game itself, we will create a world that changes and expands through the activities of players without a master account. For example, the current 1st place arena winner only acquires rare materials, but may gain a GM level authority in future updates.

If you look at the distribution plan of Nine Chronicles Gold, there is an reserve named contents reward. It is issued at the same rate as the block mining reward and stored in the vault, and it will be used in the GM protocolization process. We will share the specifics after the launch.

Mobile version release

We are preparing the first release of the game for the PC in September 2020. However, there have been consistent request from many players for Nine Chronicles on mobile.

As everyone knows, mobile has grown as the world’s largest gaming market, and it is also the platform where the most number of people play games. We had the mobile version in mind from the very beginning, as you can see from the game’s user interface, design, and technical foundation.

However, since Nine Chronicles is a serverless multiplayer game, a stable full node network needs to be secured before the mobile version is released. Because the mobile version will function by communicating with a full node rather than directly running one, we need to create a PC-based network first, unlike games that talk to a central server or the Ethereum network.

So, the mobile version of Nine Chronicles will be released in 2021, and until then we will focus on improving the maturity of the PC version.

Of course, as Nine Chronicles is an open-source project, the mobile version may arrive from the community before then. 🙂

Additional class and cooperative content

Right now, only one class is available in the first release, but new classes will be added alongside cooperative content later. We are currently a small team, and when we add new classes, the cost increases exponentially, so we are focusing on providing a polished experience with a single class to begin with.

In future updates, we will add additional classes and content that multiple classes can enjoy collaboratively. When the season content arrives, we want to make sure that those who were disappointed by the lack of interaction players can enjoy tackling challenges together in a fully fledged MMO experience.

How about starting a small guild with like-minded players before the cooperative content is released?

Thanks for reading! Please look forward to the fresh gaming experiences that Nine Chronicles will provide in the future.

The final presale for Nine Chronicles Gold with discount and bonus rewards will start on September 2nd. Participate in presale and enjoy the gameplay from mainnet launch, day one!

👉 Presale Website:

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