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Nine Chronicles Partnership: Ubisoft x Hashed

Hi everyone!

We are pleased to announce that Nine Chronicles has made partnerships with a global video game company Ubisoft and blockchain investment firm Hashed.

Through these partnerships, Unisoft and Hashed would be providing supports and counsels in ecosystem growth, designing in-game token economics, and other various parts of Nine Chronicles.

At the same time, we will be focusing our efforts to game development and global sales along with the official launching originally scheduled in this coming 3rd quarter.

Nicolas Pouard, director of blockchain initiative at Ubisoft stated “Planetarium offers blueprints that enable the players to be more creative and free with their gameplay.” He continued, “Decentralized economics and open-source model can bring more interesting and novel possibilities for the gamers.”



Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players. Play, mine, govern together: this world is yours to keep.

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