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Nine Chronicles — Play2Earn Portal Announcement

Experience a new way of earning and trading NCGs (Nine Chronicles Gold — the cryptocurrency of the game) by inviting your friends to join the Nine Chronicles community. Invite friends and earn NCGs together! 🤝

This was a busy development month and we are finally ready to announce the release of Play2Earn portal. Curious to know what it is? Scroll down and read all the details! The Play2Earn portal is an external website designed and developed by Planetarium to make the game play more fascinating and rewarding, including the following features:

⏯ Play

➕ Invite

💰 Earn

📥 Transfer

The hand shown in this post, indicates the availability of NCGs in the portal. Once users start joining the portal, the orange bar would be decreasing based on the balance of NCGs in the database.

Let’s go deeper and jump straight into the details one by one! 🚀

Play ⏯

By clicking the play button you can download and install the free-to-play Nine Chronicles game. After installing the game, do not forget to use your invitation code to activate the game.


Invite your friends and earn crypto together! 🤝

For every new user successfully referred to Nine Chronicles, the referrer will receive additional rewards in terms of 20 NCGs, anytime the new referred user reaches level 20 in the game play. This means you can now freely invite users via sharing the Referral Link. Only direct referrals would be counted as a referral. It is not a multi-layer referral system, where you get additional rewards from the users your friends get to invite. Thus only direct referrals would be counted as a referral!

This new feature would allow you to invite 3 of your friends at the beginning (default setup). Whenever you invite a friend, both you and your friend receive 20 NCGs immediately.

When a friend achieves Level 20, both you and your friend receive 20 NCGs additionally.

As it is shown in the diagram above, the users would have 3 Initial referrals to invite friends. When one of the invited friends reaches level 20, you would get 3 additional referrals automatically. So, in this scenario you will have 6 referrals.

The diagram above, shows another case scenario when all of the referred friends reach level 20. As a result, you would be having 12 referrals, including your initial ones from the beginning. Awesome, right?

Be aware! 🛑

Keep in mind that there is a limited amount of gold, so we distribute these rewards on a first come, first served basis which means that the faster you jump into referring friends, the higher is the chance to get the rewards in terms of NCG.


If 90% of the people get the limited amount of NCG then instead of 20 NCG you would be getting 18 NCG.

If 50% of the people get that limited amount of NCGs — then instead of 20 NCGs you would get 10 NCG.

The number of invited friends are shown as a random example.

Copy the referral link and share it with your friends. Keep in mind that there is a limited amount of gold, so we distribute these rewards on a first come, first served basis. Which means that the more people you invite, the more gold you get. 💨

Do you have in mind who will be your first 3 lucky draws? 🤔

Earn Gold💰

First connect your Nine Chronicles account and start earning gold!

Having different offers such as taking the quiz related to Nine Chronicles, joining Discord & Twitter accounts, crafting & trading items would allow you to earn additional NCGs. By completing each step, you will be getting 20 additional NCGs ⬇️

Time to check how well you know Nine Chronicles! Let’s start with the quiz! Ready?

Transfer 📥

Allows you to send over your earned NCGs to your integrated game account. You may continue your game play, trade different items or withdraw and swap transferred NCGs. Stay tuned for the news related to swapping NCGs!

If you wish to withdraw, NCGs would be sent to the connected account ID. Transfer may take 10–30 mins depending on network conditions. Once the transaction occurs, the request cannot be cancelled. Keep that in mind before transferring NCGs.

NCG will be tradable peer-to-peer, and anyone could be able to build a bridge and exchange for it since the mainnet code will be open sourced. You will be able to earn gold and swap your cash with the Play2Earn portal.

Keep your eyes peeled for the huge updates coming soon! As we are going to announce the release date of the Play2Earn portal and how to trade & swap your NCGs for different currencies while bridging within Play2Earn!

As always, we’re doing our best to grow our special community while making this journey more fun for everyone involved.🔥🔥

Get in touch!

Email us at or come say hello on our Discord channel!

About Planetarium

Planetarium is a blockchain company pioneering the ecosystem for community-powered online games. Planetarium’s technology equips developers with powerful tools to create fully decentralized, cross-platform blockchain games that can live forever on networks powered by the players. The team is developing Nine Chronicles, an open source, decentralized role-playing game that launched in October 2020. To learn more, please visit



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