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Dear Adventurers,

The first half of Muspelheim, the 5th world of Nine Chronicles, has been available since May 2021, and only the strongest players managed to defeat the stage 220 during this time. You were all fighting until the end knowing that you would be among the best fighters of Muspelheim, but never underestimate the other players, because this is just the beginning.

New challenges with fierce monsters await the players and the next 20 stages will be released today, Tuesday, November 23rd. These new stages are not easy. Each stage will get more difficult as you progress deeper into the dungeon. You will face fierce monsters along this journey, but don’t worry, you will get brand new recipes to craft stronger and rare items which will increase the likelihood of your survival. If you are lucky enough, you might also find some other special materials and consumables that may ease your way through the arduous fights.

Get ready, the heaviest fights are yet to come!


🗺 World 5 update: New Stages 221–240

🛠 Introduction of new materials & consumables

😈 Introduction of new monsters

🗺 The map of Muspelheim: Stage 221–240

With this update, 20 new stages will be unlocked starting from 221–240. Once you clear the stage #240, you will be able to craft the following items.

🛠 Equipment

War belt #1 — Water gear

War belt #2 — Land gear

War belt #3 — Wind gear

Previously, even within the same class of equipment, there was a difference in the basic power in the following order: normal-fire-water-earth-wind. However, starting with the “Unique” tier, these elements would have their own merits and advantages.

For example, when it comes to the War Belt, SPD stats are less in water gear but are more in wind gear. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the wind gear is more powerful than the rest of the items.

Each unique equipment, in this particular case this upcoming “War Belt” would have its own element advantages in the future updates.

“Here is why, the water belt has lesser SPD and the wind belt has more” — Plafina

* If you are not familiar with the character’s stats, check out the wiki’s page for more information.

🥣 Materials & Consumables

We all know that food is a necessity for survival. We would like to introduce a new line of materials and consumables with this update. Just like the “War belt”, after clearing each stage and leveling your character, every player will be able to craft different consumables that will help you to fight with the upper level characters!

Materials (can be found after character reaches level 210)


Savory almonds. It’s more delicious to cook than to just eat.


Raw chicken that has been carefully raised. It must be cooked to eat.


It’s a chewy shrimp. You can’t just eat it because it’s fishy. I think I should cook and eat somehow.


Firewood from the Alfheim Forest. It’s perfect for adding flavor to cooking.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce made by grinding well-grown tomatoes. I think I need to cook with something.

Materials (can be found after character reaches level 230)


High-quality honey collected by fairies. It is used for high-quality cooking production.

Materials (Look for it in the future updates)

Soy Sauce

Special sauce that the gods secretly brought from Midgard. It’s perfect for adding flavor to the dish.

Consumables: Canned Almonds

Canned Almonds
Legendary Canned Almonds

Salt And Pepper Shrimp

Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Tasty Salt And Pepper Shrimp
Legendary Salt And Pepper Shrimp

Shrimp pizza

Shrimp Pizza
Tasty Shrimp Pizza
Legendary Shrimp Pizza

We also know that some of you like BBQ chicken very much. That’s why we added some other items from the wishlist to the next world. Wait for it, it will definitely be fun!

BBQ Chicken

Oriental chicken pizza

😈 Monsters

Last but not least, here we come with other lizard monsters that you will be able to meet soon. Fighting against them would require a great deal of stamina. We are pretty sure by now, you are ready enough. Having a thick skin and being resistant to hot flames these monsters won’t give mercy to anyone.

Two-handed Axe Lizard

Did you train enough? This powerful monster with extremely fast axes is waiting for you around the corner. As usual, we preserved it for the strongest ones.

Giant Lizard Warrior

Another strong monster in the Realm of Fire who awaits the moment to kill anyone who crosses his path would appear in these stages. Take your courage in both hands and make sure you are ready to fight against the Giant Lizard Warrior.

Getting excited for the new stage updates yet?

We worked hard and we strongly believe that you will enjoy and like the new monsters, materials and consumables we introduced. The long awaited pizza would also be there, so keep your Fridays busy for the Nine Chronicles.

We will release the new stages after you get strong enough to face the World 5 Boss by the middle of December, this year! Polish your gear, get trained or otherwise you will meet your demise while facing the fiercest and one of the strongest bosses: Surt.

Take care and stay tuned for more updates coming soon! 🚀

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