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Can you believe that Nine Chronicles is already celebrating its second birthday?

Since the time the very first block was created, Nine Chronicles has been running for two years with so many wonderful stories to tell. So we would like to celebrate our second anniversary with, thanks to you, all the amazing adventurers out there.

We’ve prepared a quick recap! 👏

[ Highlights of the second year of Nine Chronicles ]

[ The Game: Nine Chronicles ]

- Total Number of Characters: 294,977 Players
- Total Number of Players: 154,598
- Average DAU: 14,000 Players
- Peak DAU: 18,772 (10/05)

Thanks to your support, we have witnessed massive growth in Nine Chronicles this year. Let’s take a look at some of the memorable highlights during the second year of Nine Chronicles.

In February, Nine Chronicles announced the Roadmap for 2022, revealing the blueprint for what is expected during 2022. How did we do? We can assure you that the Team Nine Chronicles did their best to make up for the promises made with the Roadmap (and we did a pretty good job following up). However, there were some challenging bumpy rides throughout the year. As we are approaching 2023, our team is preparing another roadmap for 2023 with the hope that we can deliver another year of excitement and adventures!

Moreover, one of the things that our team wanted to establish in 2022 was a sustainable game economy and enhanced gaming experience. In June, one of the major updates took place, ‘Chapter III: The Cave of Jountheim.’ “NCG Staking: Monster Collection” and “WNCG Staking” was introduced to Nine Chronicles to move a step closer to a sustainable economy. The new currency, “Crystals,” integrates with NCG and now complements the game economy. These economic concepts allowed Nine Chornicles’ economy to be more sustainable and profound, needless to say, all the extra bonuses players receive from staking!

- Amount Crystal Grinded: 20,121,364,110 Crystals
- Amount NCG Staked: 16,149,587 NCG
- Amount WNCG Stakes: 9,490,123 WNCG

Not only have we had plenty of new features added to the game, but also our population has expanded beyond our expectations. Moreover, Nine Chronicles continues to rank within the TOP 15 games throughout the year. (at a certain point, we were in the top 10!) These achievements were not done in a single day. Our team has been and will continue to improve Nine Chronicles to reciprocate the support and fulfill the expectations on our shoulders with more exciting features.

[ The Community, the fantastic ]

- 72K Discord Members
- 130K Twitter Followers
- Maintained within the TOP 20 throughout the year on DappRadar

As Nine Chronicles aims to be a community-driven game, establishing a stable and harmonious community is one of the utter most essential tasks for the team. Therefore, our team has tried and introduced various events and strategies to enhance community engagement, including establishing the Community Support team, presenting the Community Voting System, and renewing Discord. All these efforts were made to incorporate better and infuse the voices of the player community as the team acknowledges support from the community is one of the most potent propelling powers of Nine Chronicles.

During the summer, we witnessed a massive influx of new adventurers or Catcolyets into our community. The launch of the PFP NFT project, D:CC, is accredited for the huge incoming new crowd. Over 15K new members joined our Discord, and about 20K people started following our Twitter. Our community almost doubled its size within a very short period of time. A wise man once said, the more the merrier! Right?

As our team strongly believes in the power of the community, we strongly support the community’s internal growth simultaneously. In the coming years, we would like to see more participation from our community in many aspects of the game; by then, we can achieve our goal of ‘a open-source gaming network created, shaped, and governed by the community.’ To accomplish this, Nine Chronicles is planning to add different measures for the community to voice their opinions. To name a few, DAO-styled community voting will take place to make decisions regarding game developments, exclusive D:CC NFT holder community will launch, and more. We are excited about what is to unfold with our fantastic community!

[ Partners and Funding ]

- Binance Labs Makes Strategic Investment in Nine Chronicles
- Animoca Brands Leads $32M Funding Round for Planetarium Labs

This year, we were excited to announce some great news! We are connected with great partners and investors around the world. In January, Binance Labs, the venture capital and innovation incubation arm of Binance, invested in Nine Chronicles. And in July, Planetarium Labs raised $32 million in a Series A funding round led by Animoca Brands. The investment will help Planetarium Labs build out its network with gaming and player governance tools. Other investors in the round included Samsung Next and Planetarium partners Krust Universe, the investment arm of South Korean tech giant Kakao, and WeMade, the publisher of the play-to-earn game Mir4. With the funding, we will be able to provide better service and an enhanced ecosystem. Also, further development, such as launching a mobile version of Nine Chronicles or even a foundation for a new game title!

Moreover, when D:CC project was taking place, numerous well-known projects participated and supported D:CC to raise awareness within the NFT scene. Our team is planning to have more partnerships, not only for the NFT projects but also for Nine Chronicles itself. This year Nine Chronicles have executed several events with amazing partners such as the Sandbox, Derby Starts, and Revomon, to name a few. As this is one of the many ways to increase our presence in the Web3 market, Nine Chronicles is open to new partnerships and opportunities.

[ B-Day Crappy Drawing Contest ]

So what’s the best way to celebrate a birthday?! PARTY🎉

We’ve prepared a small celebration event where anyone who can draw can participate. (it’s simple as that) Why don’t you give a shot!?

[ When? ]

Submit your artwork by Wed, Nov 2nd 2022 22:00 PM KST

[ How to participate ]

  1. Draw a Halloween-themed mascot (Terratoma)
  2. Don’t spend more than 2 minutes (please)
  3. Submit your artwork by replying to this tweet

[ How to win? ]

  1. The top 10 drawings will be selected by the team
  2. Among Top 10, One BEST drawing will be selected via community voting.

Just to give you a little boost



Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

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