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3 min readMar 25, 2021


Over the past month, our team has put together a process for the community to collaborate with us on improving Nine Chronicles. Now we are proud to introduce Nine Chronicles Improvement Proposals (NCIPs). If you click the link, you will be taken to the NCIP Github page which describes how the process works. If the process seems daunting at first, don’t worry! You are always welcome to come and ask us questions in the ecosystem-supporters channel on Discord.

First things first. What type of improvements do the NCIPs cover?

The scope of the NCIPs include the following:

  • Improvements to gameplay
  • New features
  • Updating existing features
  • Improvements to Lib9C (the blockchain code underlying Nine Chronicles)
  • Ecosystem improvements that benefit the game

These are the type of activities that the NCIPs cover, but to make this easier to understand we can provide a few examples:

  • Adding a secondary currency to Nine Chronicles.
  • Changing the item upgrade system.
  • Creating a lobby for player avatars to hang out.
  • Developing a way to wrap game Costumes (such as the “Lion of Dawn” costume) and put those onto Ethereum.

In the coming days, we will have a few real NCIPs written by the community leaders which will act as an example of how to correctly write an NCIP proposal.

One of the most important points is having the community agree upon what improvements to add to the game. Coming up with new ideas is very easy and anyone can do that in the Suggestion room on Discord. We even have a Discord bot for recording suggestions, but in order to take these ideas from suggestion to completion takes a lot of work. Therefore, only suggestions with the most backing from the community should be made into NCIPs.

Small updates and bug fixes to the game are outside of the NCIP process. The developers will regularly make bug fixes that are quick to correct and don’t require community consensus.

If you have any questions, then feel free to chat with us on Discord!

Get in touch!

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Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized RPG powered by the players.