📢Sweep Update: We’ve got no time for this!(ft. v100190)

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2 min readMay 3, 2022


Dear All,

Surprise! Surprise! A new function has been updated with the v100190 release. Have you tried the sweep function already?

Battle > Waiting > Drink AP Potion > More Waiting > Battle > More & More Waiting > Drink AP Potion > More & More & More Waiting ….

We are all tired of going through the same old routine when collecting materials for crafting. Now, the newly added “Sweep” function will ease up your labor.

[ Overview ]

  • Applicable to stages already cleared with 3 stars
  • Remaining AP ponts+ Up to 10 AP Potions at one go (meaning max 264 battles at once)


  • You can only use the total amount of your remaining AP points. This means that you cannot only use part of your AP Points. 0% or 100%.
  • While leveling up during the sweep, the Exp points will be given accordingly. The amount of Exp points will vary even within a single sweep.
  • Cannot use consumables during the sweep
  • For Mimisbrunnr, the sweep will not be available. Boost is still in use.

Hope this will make your life easier.
If you have more questions, meet me at Discord



Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

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