🌉 Using Nine Chronicles ETH Bridge to Swap NCG ↔️WNCG

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5 min readSep 5, 2021


Hey Adventurers!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve finally completed the audit process for the Nine Chronicles Ethereum bridge.

The official launching of the ETH Bridge is scheduled for September 6th between 3PM KST (after v100074 update) and we would like to share a detailed guide on using the Ethereum Bridge.

🛠 Background

The Ethereum ↔ NCG Bridge allows users to seamlessly migrate their NCG to ERC-20 compatible wallets and then trade with greater liquidity and flexibility. WNCG will be backed 1:1 with NCG. This means that if you send 1 NCG through the Ethereum ↔ NCG Bridge, you will get 1 WNCG as a result. Using the bridge, users can send WNCG assets directly from MetaMask or other Web3 wallets and apps, and vice versa.

The introduction of WNCG allows NCG to participate in the Ethereum smart contract ecosystem. Users can handle wrapped NCG by using Ethereum wallets like Metamask, and any De-Fi protocol that supports ERC-20 tokens can support WNCG. For example, you can sell WNCG through Sushiswap, or borrow or lend WNCG through the Aave protocol.

Secondly, it allows the Nine Chronicles ecosystem to grow as more Ethereum users learn about the game. This enables our games to grow as the Ethereum ecosystem grows.


To convert WNCG to NCG, WNCG tokens are first burnt on the Ethereum network. Nine Chronicles Ethereum bridge then verifies this transaction, and proceeds to send NCG token to the designated address.

After visiting the web portal and loging in, click on WNCG2NCG from the top menu and you will be able to proceed with swapping WNCG to NCG. Before that, make sure you have your wallet charged with enough WNCG tokens to proceed and some ETH for the gas fee. Since you are accessing this interface from the portal, your Nine Chronicles Account will be automatically inserted while transferring the tokens.

Detailed steps:

  1. Connect to your MetaMask wallet.

2. After connecting your MetaMask wallet, insert the amount you would like to transfer. Note that after connecting to MetaMask, the available WNCG in your wallet will pop up on the balance automatically.

3. After inserting the exact amount you want to transfer, press transfer, and then press confirm on the MetaMask pop-up.

4. You’re done! Check the transaction on Etherscan and on the Nine Chronicles mainnet explorer.

The transfer will take up to 20 minutes to verify and complete. If the burn transaction successfully went through but you haven’t received NCG by that time, please reach out to us through our Discord or Email with the transaction hash and your Nine Chronicles ID.


You will also be able to transfer NCGs directly from the main launcher of the game as well as swap the NCG → WNCG as shown in the image below.

  1. From the main launcher menu, click the SEND NCG button.

2. From this screen below, you can choose to SEND NCG to another user or Swap NCG to WNCG.

3. In case you want to send NCGs to other users, please insert their Nine Chronicles Address and the amount you want to transfer. You may enter an additional note if you want to remind or leave a memo. Make sure to double check your Nine Chronicles Address before proceeding with the transactions, since Nine Chronicles Addresses look similar to Ethereum addresses.

TIP: We suggest that you try sending only a small amount (e.g 1 NCG) first and confirm with the other user to double check that you have the correct NCG address.

4. To swap NCG to WNCG, select the second option.

To swap NCG to WNCG, (1) enter the ETH Address which will be receiving the WNCG and (2) the amount of NCG you want to transfer. This will send your NCG to the bridge endpoint, which will verify the transaction, and then mint WNCG to send to the above Ethereum address.

The official WNCG token address for the bridge contract running on the Ethereum network is: 0xf203Ca1769ca8e9e8FE1DA9D147DB68B6c919817

Please note that:

  • Minimum 100 NCG per transfer (to prevent DDOS/ETH gas)
  • Maximum 5,000 NCG ➡ WNCG swap in 24 hours (will be raised gradually with bridge upgrades)
  • NCG → WNCG conversion will have a 1% fee to cover for gas in WNCG minting process and to account for other development/ecosystem costs. WNCG → NCG conversion will have a 0% fee.

We can’t be more excited to launch this major initiative with so much support from the community. We are working hard to provide many ways for NCG/WNCG community to grow — especially once the proof of stake transition occurs, holders will be able to stake their NCG with network validators to earn additional NCG as well as energy potions, hourglasses, and seasonal NFT content.

Take a look at our Arena Season 0 announcement to learn some of our directions, and we look forward to developing more #decentralized #gamefi #play-to-earn initiatives that you will be excited to be a part of!

If you’re discovering us for the first time, follow us on Twitter, and you can also visit our Discord to join our early access and learn more about the open source RPG network powered by the community.