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A Ninja Squad NFT Treasure Hunt Begins on OVR

A Ninja Squad NFT Treasure Hunt Begins on OVR

See the ninja dojo come alive with AR as you hunt for the Ninja kunai in your city!

Ninjas! You have a special mission to hunt down the hidden ninja kunais all around your city.


Challenge is simple: Get out and start looking for kunai tokens around your city using the OVR app. Collect as many as you can to increase your chance of winning the big prize!

The Ninja NFT hunt will be done using the GPS of the mobile device, plus the AR technology of OVR.

How to get started with the hunt?

The NFT hunt will begin on March 23 and will run for 14 days.

Here’s what you need to do to join:

Step 1: Go to Twitter and follow @NinjaSquadNFT & @OVRtheReality.

Step 2: Download the OVR App on your phone.

Step 3: Sign in with your preferred social network account (Facebook, Google).

Step 4: Click the Ninja Squad banner on the OVR homepage.

Step 5: Begin the hunt!

Rewards for the Ninja Hunt

1st place: 2 Ninja Squad NFTs

2nd place: 1 Ninja Squad NFT + 30 $NST

3rd place: 1 Ninja Squad NFT + 20 $NST

4th place: 1 Ninja Squad NFT +10 $NST

5th place: 40 $NST

PS: We’ll add a leaderboard on our website in order for you guys to keep track of your rivals! The hunt will go on for 2 weeks & you’ll be able to play in ANY CITY (worldwide) you like.

About Ninja Squad

Ninja Squad is an NFT and crypto trading community, with a focus on education and innovation. What started as an 8,888 piece NFT collection in November 2021 has since been evolving into a larger technology brand harnessing IRL and metaverse components. There are 8,888 ninjas and 4,444 ninja mfers roaming through the Ethereum blockchain & metaverse.

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About OVR

OVR is a blockchain-based augmented reality platform. OVR powers interactive AR experiences via smartphones and smart glasses. OVR is a new standard of augmented reality that allows users to experience different types of content based on their location.

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Ninja Squad

Ninja Squad

Ninjas roaming through the Ethereum blockchain & metaverse. Join us as we grow into the largest crypto & NFT community.