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Ninja Squad Roadmap Updates & Future Plans

Ninja Squad town hall — roadmap updates, future partnerships and plans

Bear markets are for building. 🔨

That’s not to say that we don’t continuously build day in and day out at Ninja Squad, but we’ve been really heads down in building mode since we’ve transitioned into (yet another) bear market in February.

From launching a new (meme) collection, to announcing major partnerships and new utilities for our token $NST, it’s time for a new Ninja Squad update.

Our team went on a Twitch livestream earlier today to go over some key milestones we’ve unlocked from our roadmap and beyond and this post will summarize all of the points covered during the stream.

Let’s dive right in…

10% of collection sales allocated for charity

The number one item on our roadmap was donating 10% of the proceeds from our collection sale for an education focused cause or organization in Turkey. After exploring our options of donation in cryptocurrency, we decided to take a different stance and chose to renovate a wrecked school in Ankara, Turkey that serves 150 children of 5 nearby villages. The renovation work is expected to be completed and school will be ready for an official opening celebration by Spring 2022.

The school has undergone so much change and improvement that it brings tears of joy to our eyes. 🥲

We’ll be seeing our ninjas as graffitis on the walls of the playground area and will even be giving out Ninja branded sports jerseys for the physical education classes.

Stay tuned for a before-after video of this amazing project (soon) we were all able to contribute to that will impact 150 kids’ lives just this year alone.

NST utilities

When we launched our utility token $NST, we knew we would be dedicating quite some brainpower to creating utilities and mastering the tokenomics. Since it’s launch on December 31, 2021, we’ve already added three major utilities that Ninja Squad NFT holders can benefit from, using the $NST their NFTs yield daily.

  1. Ninja Squad Trader Hub — members can subscribe for 15 $NST/month and unlock a set of trading tools within our Discord server. Read more about this product here.
  2. SushiSwap DeFi farming was enabled in January, through inputting WETH and $NST with a yield of 360% APR.

3. Ninja mfers collection was launched on 27/2/22 — idea to execution was less than 72 hrs! We enabled a minting experience using both onchain and offchain $NST, giving two options to our investors. 80% of the accumulated $NST (352K $NST in total) through sale of this collection was burned upon sell-out, which will positively impact our token value in the mid-long run. Read more about ninja mfers collection and launch here.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

  1. We announced our partnership with OVR on 04/03/22 and will be kicking it off in late March with an AR powered Ninja NFT Hunt experience. Players will get a chance to win 5 Ninja Squad NFTs & 100 $NST!
    Details will be shared in a separate blog post.

2. Second partnership announcement was with Cyball on 07/03/22, where we’re giving away 100 scholarships to Ninja Squad holders. This will enable the scholarship winners to play the P2E CyBall football game without needing to hold and stake 3 Cyball NFTs, which is the normal requirement to play Cyball. Keep your eyes peeled for further details in our Discord.

3. Yet another major partnership was announced on 09/03/22 with KuCoin, one of the top 5 crypto exchanges with 600+ coins in trade. Here’s a few things this partnership entails:
- We’ll share analyses, news and exchange listings of coins traded on KuCoin.
- We’ll be able to secure allocations (whitelists) for presale of coins that will be launched on KuCoin and will raffle them in our community, similar to WL giveaways of NFT projects (this is a big deal, considering that users typically have to stake the KuCoin token $KCS and join giveaways)
- Ninja members can sign up to KuCoin with a 20% off using our referral link.

4. We’re happy to announce our first sponsorship engagement with Urla KiteSurf School in Summer 2022, which is one of the top kite surf schools in the world. Not only will the surf school be covered in Ninja Squad branding and exposed to tens of thousands of global visitors, but Ninja Squad holders will be able to get kitesurfing lessons and discounts using $NST. This will be one of the first examples of IRL utilities of $NST.

Building the Ninja Ecosystem

NFD — Non Fungible Designs

We’re building our own exclusive merchandise business for web3 and NFT brands and enabling payment options for fiat and cryptocurrency. We will kick off with Ninja Squad’s own merchandise and will later open up for collaborations with other brands. Expect limited supply items ranging from clothing, accessories and objects and option to use $NST.

Ninja mfers utility

We didn’t launch this collection with a utility promise or intention, but primarily as an entrance pass into our community, with a lower price point than the genesis Ninja Squad NFTs. However, we’ve listened to our community and decided to add a utility to the ninja mfers which we’re assured is a great one! Ninja mfers will be positioned as a discount pass for any products, services and even collections that exist and will be built within the Ninja Squad ecosystem. A lifetime discount code for any Ninja Squad product — well, as long as you have it. :)

Building an NST launchpad

This is a big and complex idea that deserves it’s own blog post, but let us cover it briefly here. As we’ve built our superstar team nearing to 30 members, accumulated quite the experience and proven that we can in fact deliver (even under very tight deadlines), we wanted to create a launchpad to accelerate other web3 & NFT projects that we are connected with.

With that said, we plan to enable the infrastructure and systems for select NFT projects that want to launch their projects through our NST Launchpad. The goal is for this launchpad to evolve into a scalable system that will continuously enable us to burn $NST and contribute to the value of our token and ecosystem.

Furthermore, after the first collection of ninja mfers proving to be a huge success, we’re more confident in moving forward with Ninja Squad’s 3rd, NST Launchpad’s second collection: Mutant Squad. Eeeeek! I just said it out loud!

The Mutant Squad collection is already in progress and will be the avatars for our P2E game. Mutant Squad will also be minted exclusively using $NST.

Time & minting details TBA.

On the note of the P2E game — we’re able to share that we’re in conversations with top notch gaming studios to help us build the best possible game and experience for our community.

Final words

As this update suggests, Ninja Squad team is committed to creating value, innovation and positioning the Ninja brand as a world-wide known NFT community and web3 brand. We’re still just getting warmed up.

Here’s to the future!



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