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Being a Ninja Squad Member: Ninja Newbie Guide on the Alpha Channels

Whether you are researching what it’s like to become a Ninja Squad holder, or you recently joined the squad and looking to find out more about what being a ninja unlocks for you, you’re in the right place.

Assuming you’ve already checked us out on social media, our blog and perhaps even peeked into our public Discord channels, the next best thing you you could do is read this guide.

This post will give you in depth look into the Alpha channels on our Discord so that you can make the most out of your experience being a Ninja.

We’re all here to connect, have fun, learn and grow.

And we’d like to see you around.

I’m a Ninja now — so what?

If you’ve been wondering what will really happen if you buy a Ninja Squad NFT, let us explain.

No, the goal for your NFT isn’t to just sit in your OpenSea profile and (hopefully) appreciate in value over time. The art is beautiful, we’re aware. 😍 But there’s so much more than that to the Ninja Squad community.

First thing any Ninja Squad holder needs to do is to join our Discord and verify their NFT through the collabland-join command. If that’s done… let’s move on.

What will you find in the Alpha Channels?

TL;DR A treasure chest of information & tips!

Now to the long story…


🎯|nft-alpha is a channel dedicated to alpha that has been picked/vetted by our moderation team. Nothing shared here is investment advice, we just point out undervalued NFTs according to community research.

🎯|degen-plays is what it sounds like, This is where we share NFTs that are trending or potentially about to make a breakout. As always NFA, degen NFTs are as good as gambling

📰|ninja-news is the current iteration of the world’s fastest, top quality news on Crypto, NFT and Finance. Ninja-news is a casual, community-driven chat room for current & accurate information on the fastest growing news in blockchain, NFTs, DeFi and web3.0. We are a team of Ninjas who help you stay one step ahead of everyone else! At times you’ll get the news before they even hit social media channels! That’s not sarcasm, but a fact. :)

🚨|nft-updates is a channel where you can see updates on the NFT market. This includes news, market trends, information, resources and highlighted projects.

🔬|fundamental-analysis is a channel where we will be building a library of Fundamental Analysis for upcoming and past NFT/Crypto projects. You can use this resource to look into a project or learn about how you can do Fundamental Analysis.

📊|crypto-analysis channel where our team of experienced analysts and traders share fresh Technical Analysis. One of our strongest channels for sure. This is where our team of experienced analysts and traders share fresh technical analyses.

📊|ninja-stocks channel where our team of experienced analysts and traders share their thoughts about financial markets and assets with a close look into worldwide news.

📉|onchain-data channel is the newest one we added, to upgrade our knowledge and perspective, our analyst will be sharing on-chain data analysis daily.

It’s fair to say there have been LOTS of wins that happened thanks to the analyses shared on this channel! Dozens of ninjas made significant profits and were kind enough to share them on their socials. Safe to say, this is our specialty! Friendly-reminder that these analyses are NOT financial advice, DYOR first ALWAYS.


🌎|alpha-ninja is our holder exclusive chat! This is a space for discussion of alpha and community building. To access this channel, you need the @Alpha Ninja or @Alpha Ninja Mfers role. Here, you’ll find a community of crypto and NFT enthusiasts who share information and analyses 24/7. The community consists of anyone from beginners to experts, giving them all the room they need to learn and grow.

This is your safe space to ask any NFT or crypto questions, share your moves, trades, projects on your radar, or learn from others who talk about these on the minute. Our team spends a lot of time here too so you can pick their brains on certain things.

🧠|deep-alpha is the most exclusive channel dedicated to serious discussion of crypto and NFT alpha. Some Ninja traits (deep alpha & spectator (read-only)) and whales (holders of 20+ NFTs) and deep alpha mfers get access to this channel, which has much fewer members but may we say — deeper conversations.

At it’s core, deep alpha chat is similar to alpha, but deep alpha members get a more direct access to our team, exclusive giveaways, faster feedback on trade positions, and yield higher $NST daily via staking.

🐋|whale-lounge is a channel that is dedicated to our Ninja Whale members.


🕵|ninja-mfers is the chatroom that is dedicated to holders of the Ninja Mfers collection.

Wrapping up the alpha channels…

By this point, you’re probably convinced of how much you’ll get out of the alpha channels and have opened Discord in a new tab on your browser, if you weren’t in already! :)

The alpha channels have been a fantastic utility to our community. We have already made many improvements and continue to improve on the daily, by listening to feedback from our members.

So… what do you say? Will we see you in the squad and our alpha channels? 👀🥷🏻



Ninja Squad is a collection of 8,888 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every Ninja yields $NST tokens daily & also gives access to cutting edge daily crypto calls & analysis from our top tier crypto experts…

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