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Meet The Ninja Squad Team

Have you ever wondered how many people are behind an NFT collection? Or the team leading this emerging brand to major heights? I know I have. :)

It’s good to know the kind of leadership, expertise and talent when you’re investing into a project. Especially considering that NFTs are a long-term investment and when you’re a holder, you become a part of that community. It’s like choosing a family.

At Ninja Squad, we’re quite a big and fun crowd and we’d love to meet you!

In this post, you’ll find the team’s short bio’s and public links. Don’t be shy to reach out and say hi and introduce yourselves too!

Let’s get going then…


Kemal Hiçyılmaz aka Crypto Kemal

Hi, I’m Kemal! I am the founder of the Ninja Squad NFT collection, currently based in Istanbul/Turkey. I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies and creating content on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch platforms for more than 4 years.

I created the Ninja Traders community in 2019 and it’s been a crazy ride since then! We reach 120,000 people through news, social media, and crypto alert channels. We also have 30,000 paying students on Udemy. After a while, I got interested in NFTs.

These days I’m trying to implant Ninja Traders crypto trading and educate the community about NFTs with the Ninja Squad NFT Collection.

You can catch me here:


Pırıl Madasoglu

Hi fam ❤️ Super nice to meet you!

This is Pırıl, I’m the Marketing Project Manager at Ninja Squad. I’m working 24/7 as a content creator and marketer in the web3 space. I’ve been in web3 since 2021 and I’m loving it each day! So glad to find my Ninja family along the way. I’m here to help grow and develop our dojo, and boost our community become conscious investors & individuals 🫶🏻

Find me here:

Yasemin Türkoglu

Hi! Its yasemin.eth! 💜

I’m the Marketing Project Manager & a strong believer to the project since the mint day. I stepped into the digital world by going to China for my Graduate education in 2015. I returned to Turkey after five years and started my career in the Marketing and Communication field, working with several well known brands.

Then one day, I had a better idea to chase!:) I use Twitter to fully understand NFTs and become a part of the web3 insanity. It’s no coincidence that I love the Ninja World :)

You can call me web3 worm & find me here;


Irem Ors

Hi, I’m Irem!

I am a lawyer and a proud member of the Ninja Squad NFT team. I currently live in Brussels, Belgium.

After providing legal consultancy services to big tech companies such as Spotify, Facebook, Netflix in a leading law firm, I pursued my dreams and completed a master’s degree in the field of Information Technologies law.

For my thesis, I focused on smart contracts. I was already mesmerized by web3, and… !poof. That was the moment when life smiles back and magic happens.

I met NFTs in September and went down the rabbit hole of web3 and NFTs.

At this stage of my life, I believe we are all going to make it together. So, I will not only be trying my best to help my beloved Ninja Squad NFT community grow but also create written content and short-cut videos on NFTs and web3.

Besides that, I enjoy traveling, partying, yoga, healthy food, and getting to know new people. I am here for those enthusiastic about these or web3 to share the knowledge, or even who want to talk.

Don’t hesitate to contact me and show me some love!

You can find me on:


Mehmet Ali Peker

Hi everyone, I’m Mehmet, aka peker.eth!

I’m an entrepreneur and software developer. I’m the Tech Lead of Ninja Squad. I’ve been developing software for about seven years. I also have been developing blockchain and solidity applications for about a year. I’m also co-founder of T-Fashion, an AI-based fashion trend forecasting startup.

Connect with me here:


Crypto Melih

Hi, I’m Melih. I live in Istanbul and work as an analyst in the Ninja Squad Team. I joined Ninja Traders family in 2019 and I have been in FTX Support Team since 2020. I’m currently the analyst team leader at Ninja Traders and Ninja Squad team. I got into crypto in March 2019 with Crypto Kemal’s encouragement — and here I am!

Mehmet Karahan

Hi everyone! I am Mehmet. You know me as @kkarahan on Discord. I analyze and share news that is worthy to know as our community members work on their investment strategy. I first entered the crypto market in 2019 with Crypto Kemal.

I make 80% of my investments backed by data. I’m here to share them with you!

Catch me here:


Kortan Erçin

Hey, I’m Kortan!

Yes, the legend one, lol. I’m the Community Operations Manager at Ninja Squad.

In 2019, I entered the crypto market like a bombshell with only 20$! I know, what a big capital! I have been working as an organizer & administrator at Ninja Traders since February 2020 and held a support role at FTX since March 2020.

The past months I’ve been managing the world’s best community with my incredible friends!

Our ultimate goal at Ninja Squad is education. We want to increase the number of visionary and bright people in our community with education, connections and friendships. WAGMI!

You can reach me here:

Alp Ertugrul Çelik (Alpius)

Hello Squad, I’m Alp!

My official title in the Ninja Squad Team is Community Manager. Nice to meet you! I was born in Ankara, Turkey, and now I am working on getting my undergrad degree in Bioeconomy (strange, right?) in distant lands. I wholeheartedly believe the future will be decentralized. This is the exact reason I jumped at the opportunity to be involved with Ninja Squad.

My mission is to provide every person with the desire to learn with the right tools to learn about the fascinating technology that is the blockchain. I can confidently say that it has changed my life, and I hope to provide all of you with the same opportunity. My personal ethos and that of Ninja Squad align perfectly, and this is why I am proud to do all I can to do this project into the future with all of you.

Besides all the philosophical stuff, I LOVE working out! It is my passion, and I love sharing everything I know about it. If you’ve got any questions regarding NFTs, web3.0, fitness, or you simply want to talk, do not hesitate to reach out. !poof :-)

Emre Kaya

Hey there everyone, I’m Emre! I am a Mod in Ninja Squad NFT. I landed in crypto and NFT space back in 2020 and became a Mod in Ninja Squad in July 2021, thanks to Kortan.

I am also into sports; I am a personal health trainer, and play basketball and volleyball professionally. Trying to stay active all the time within the crypto and NFT world- and the actual world. :-)

Olgu Turan

Hi, my name is Olgu; I’m a ninja boi! I’m a Mod at Ninja Squad, living in Balikesir.

Thanks to CryptoKemal and BCC, I’ve been in the NFT world for four months. I landed on the Ninja Squad Discord on October 4th, and I am pretty active on the server. Igot blessed with a WL through Angel Kortan and became a Mod.

Catch me here:

Baran Tektas

Hey there, fellow friends; my name is Baran.

I am a proud member of the Ninja Squad Mod Team. I live in Bursa, Turkey. I got my bachelor’s as a textile engineer.

I’ve been enthusiastic about finance around 2016 and began trading around 2017 with a couple of stock failures. I jumped into the crypto market, where I made many mistakes! Thanks to all these mistakes I made, I am now more experienced than I used to be.

Then I started to study and learn about market metrics. I have been following Crypto Kemal since 2017, and I learned a lot from him! With the birth of Ninja Traders, I became the first and the proudest student of their Udemy course.

As a member of the Mod Team, my first ever job is to help our beloved family members, keep our Discord server clean from scammer bots, and maintain a lovely sustainable environment for our fellow friends. Also, chat with our family members and help out newcomers who want to join our family — I mean Ninja Squad!

I work hard to make our home safe and sound. I’ll see you in the metaverse.

In Ninja, We Trust!

Together We Stronk!

Catch me here: meurninjasquad.eth and here: @cryptmag

Deniz Bakis

Hi! I’m Deniz. I’m passionate about Information Technologies, Cryptocurrencies & NFT’s. I like brewing 3rd wave coffee & reading. I am a proud member of Ninja Squad.

Currently studying in two universities, my fields are Securities & Capital Markets and English Language Teaching.

There are several opportunities that you encounter in life, and you most likely miss them. However, mine was Ninja Squad and I’m glad to have a chance to work with such an amazing team & build together.

In my spare time, I look for new artists that yet haven’t been discovered, learn new languages, and listen to great playlists. Oh, and I also look at charts 24/7. If the market doesn’t sleep, you shouldn’t either.

You can catch me here :

We’re a pretty awesome bunch of people, and we think you’ll agree.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions! If you want to be a part of our community, find us here.




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