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Top 13 NFT/Crypto Influencers & Content Creators

Let’s be honest, when we first look into the crypto-sphere, it is overwhelming. There’s so much to take in and it seems very hard to find real advice on the internet that you can trust! People who’ve been in the space suggest newcomers to follow content creators to get familiar with the happenings, but who should they follow?

We’ll take this post as an opportunity to introduce you to some of the most well known content creators and influencers from the crypto/NFT community, across Twitter and Youtube, primarily.


Everybody knows Vitalik. If you don’t know his name, maybe you would know him by his groundbreaking creation — Ethereum! He is not exactly an “influencer”. But he sure influences a lot of people with his bright mind.


“Going bankless is a journey towards freedom — self-sovereignty. Financial independence.” As the name suggests, Bankless believes that we don’t need banks anymore and they have a whole guide about how to go bankless. They aim to show as many people as they can that they don’t need any middle man anymore & want to expand people’s know-how about crypto.

Bankless also has a Youtube channel, newsletter, and even a podcast with Ethereum’s founding father, Vitalik, about his newest article “Endgame”. Plus, Bankless has a DAO called BanklessDAO with one mission: Help the world.


Lea has her own creative way to describe what is going on in the crypto world. She has a Youtube series called “Crypto Minute” which are weekly updates from the web3/blockchain environment, more than 190+ blockchain themed interviews with influential people around the web3 world, and a sci-fi/fantasy crypto series such as the one above.

She creates videos that are both creative and informational such as the video in which she explains what Ethereum 2.0 is in less than 2 mins.


Giancarlo is a content creator on Twitter and Youtube and shares in depth, insightful analyses and opinions about the NFT & web3 world. He has dozens of youtube videos about NFTs: how-to guides, news updates, content reviews and so on. He likes to keep things straightforward and simple while also getting into what makes things tick.


Coinbound founder Ty Smith is a globe-trotting NFT fanatic. Coinbound is a podcast known for its quality interviews with highly-influential figures from the NFT space. His Twitter is full of insights on blockchain conferences, tweets on how the world economy may be affected by emerging technologies, and insights into how NFTs fit into the blockchain ecosystem.


Matty, whose Twitter bio calls him “NFT obsessed,” is a high-energy crypto trader who can’t be silenced. A friend of Gary Vaynerchuk and Coindesk, this crypto guru is constantly posting breaking news about NFTs. And if you want to learn more about crypto collectibles, Matty has you covered. He has valuable threads on twitter such as this one about growth industries for NFTs.


What sets him apart from other creators in the space is his cartoonish visual style and eagerness to interact with other artists. He refers to himself as the NFTs’ CEO — a bold positioning!

Kenneth has a podcast series called #NotAnotherBitcoinPodcastTM. It is a livestream of a daily roundtable discussion that airs at 12:00 pm EST. Guests are from the crypto space.

Kenneth seems to always be up to date on the latest trends & keeps his readers up to date on the projects he’s working on and the investments he intends to make.


She’s a fantastic source of crypto trading information, and she posts her comments on the latest TA moves on her blog every day. Aside from being a power user of Crypto Tik Tok, Wendy is the host of The O Broadcast, a daily YouTube show. She has a lot of videos on YouTube on crypto, web 3, and blockchain.


Without a doubt, Murat Pak is one of the most popular and well-known digital artists. Pak is controversial and a puzzle since no one knows who he is. Because of Pak’s disguised identity, some in the crypto world have dubbed him as the “Satoshi of crypto art.”

Pak is well recognized for his NFTs. “Merge” is Pak’s most popular non-fungible token, sold for $91.8 million in December 2021, making it the most valuable NFT on the market.


OhhShiny claims that his ambitions in this space are to create a permission-less world by eliminating middlemen, provide universal access to defi, and empower people to own their culture, assets, and contributions. He claims that he is attempting to achieve these objectives by acting as an investor, a storyteller, and a community builder.

He invests in the metaverse as a Community Capitalist and has founded DIGITAL with @MarkDaniel94 & @StevenaCohen2. Ohhshiny also has a Spaces show called OhhShiny Show which brings together the freshest info and discussions from the edge of the metaverse.


NFTVerse is an NFT educator, YouTuber, creator, gamer, and investor. He also has a channel dedicated to NFTs on YouTube. He has several different series that are titled: Most Anticipated Upcoming NFT Projects, NFT Market Updates, and How to Find NFT Projects EARLY.


Described by some as the NFT whisperer, EllioTrades is the Twitter persona of Elliot, an expert on play-to-earn games, down-to-earth advice, and NFT-trading strategy, who has introduced many NFT aficionados to games such as Axie Infinity. He has a daily live show on YouTube and is part of SuperFarm, a DAO at the intersection of DeFi and NFTs. The collective was among the pyro-anarchist investors who burned a Banksy artwork back in March, and then sold its associated NFT for almost five times its prior value.


“I started working in the NFT space in February of this year” (2021). Crypto and NFTs become my full-time work very rapidly. Prior to February 2021, I spent about 15 years as a professional poker player. In 2016/2017, I dabbled in cryptocurrency, but when the bear market came, I exited. I didn’t have the conviction I have today back then.” — Zeneca_33

Zeneca is a very active and known member of the NFT community and an influencer — though we think he probably won’t fancy this wording. He fell down the NFT rabbit hole in early 2021 & has swiftly built a large following! His viewpoints are often gloomy and always level-headed, which is extremely helpful in this volatile environment.

He has a Youtube channel called Zeneca’s NFT Academy for educational videos on NFTs, runs ZenAcademy, a wonderful and welcoming community for the NFT curious and a newsletter called “Letters from Zeneca_33”. Not over yet — he is also the co-host of Two Bored Apes podcast! He is a true influencer and creator in this space and a great person in general.

If this list isn’t enough already, I’ll also go ahead and recommend following along our team’s social media accounts as we have quite a lot of content creators on our team too.

Our co-founders BCC and Crypto Kemal have been content creators in NFT and crypto spaces and share daily content that will help you level up your skills in NFT & crypto trading.

Follow our head of marketing Elif Hiz on Twitter or Youtube for insights on the NFT space from a marketing, community and career angle. Piril, Irem, Kortan and Alp all share (almost) daily insights on their learning and trading journey too.



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