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5 min readFeb 27, 2022


Ninja Squad is launching the ninja mfers collection on Feb 27, 2022

… and we’ll have ninja mfer NFTs to show for it. Whaat?!? 👀

Did I mention they will (only) be minted using our utility token $NST? Yep, that’s right.

Let us rewind a little bit.

The ninja wei is fast, fun and experimental.

What started as some doodles in our team chat and appreciation of sartoshi’s notorious mfers collection quickly turned into voice chats and a livestream illustration session that went on for 8+ hours straight.

As our talented illustrator adapted the ninja traits to his new ninja mfer creation on livestream, rest of the team worked on strategizing how to launch the collection, the tokenomics, website and smart contract development, collecting community feedback and answering questions and concerns.

It’s been a wild ~48 hrs for sure.

Why are we doing this?

We love the endless possibilities and culture of web3. The spontaneity, agility and capabilities excite us very much and we love having the ability to quickly turn an idea into reality.

The mere fact that we’re able to act fast and realize an idea that excites us is not something we were used to seeing in our past lives in web2.

Ninja mfers is a fun experiment where we are able create another utility for our utility token $NST, and honor sartoshi, an artist we appreciate very much.

At this point, we should highlight that Ninja mfers is a separate collection from Ninja Squad NFT.

Wen mint and how?

The big question…

Mint: February 27, Sunday afternoon EST (TBA)

Mint price: 100 $NST + gas (multiple mints will be more efficient in terms of gas fees)

Mint per wallet: 4

Total Supply : 4444

(Rare) traits?

In the Ninja Mfer Squad collection, there will be:

— 4 Deep Alpha Mfer Trait

— 4 Spectator Mfer Trait

— 100 Alpha Ninja Mfers

🚨 Important notes🚨

These traits will get access to relevant chat rooms, but not giveaways.

There will be NO pre-sale for Ninja mfers, only public sale.

There will be NO $NST yield for Ninja mfers.

Ninja mfers will be available to mint on the official Ninja Squad website or can be purchased from the secondary market, ie. Opensea.

Minting will require a gas fee on Ethereum, but you will not have to withdraw $NST to do so, given that you already have $NST in your Ninja Base balance.

You CAN mint with both yielded & airdropped $NSTs and the $NSTs in your Metamask that you have purchased. This means minting will be available with both on-chain $NST and off-chain $NST, without the need to withdraw $NST first. Finally, there will not be an ‘approve transaction’ trigger to use the on-chain $NST (thanks to ERC20 permit 🙌🏼).

What’s special about ninja mfers?

First derivative collection to be minted only with a utility token.

Now… tell us…

Update on March 6, 2022

Ninja mfers sold out on February 28, 2022, one day after launch, adding 4,444 NFTs to our original collection of 8,888 Ninja Squad NFTs. A total of 108 members now have access to alpha and deep-alpha channels, among the full collection.

Ninja mfers exclusive Discord channel was created upon launch and utility is TBA.

Ninja mfer #1 was auctioned off for 3.5ETH and 100% of the proceeds were sent to Ukraine’s official accounts to support those impacted by the war.

Finally, 80% of the $NST collected from the ninja mfers NFT drop was effectively burned on March 5, 2022, increasing the value of our token.

Update on March 11, 2022

We didn’t launch the ninja mfers collection with a utility promise or intention, but primarily as an entrance pass into our community, with a lower price point than the genesis Ninja Squad NFTs. However, we’ve listened to our community and decided to add a utility to the ninja mfers which we’re assured is a great one! Ninja mfers will be positioned as a discount pass for any products, services and even collections that exist and will be built within the Ninja Squad ecosystem. A lifetime discount code for any Ninja Squad product — well, as long as you have it. :)

Update on April 11, 2022

Big news: we’ve decided to open up read-only access to our crypto-analysis, news and nft-alpha-library channels for our ninja mfer community!

This decision was not taken lightly as we wanted to be fair to the larger community. After deep analysis of our audience, we realized ninja mfers is the first NFT for many mfer holders and serves as an entry gate into the NFT space and the ninja ecosystem with it’s low price point.

In alignment with our mission to enable financial freedom for our community through web3, crypto and NFT education — we believe opening up these channels is an opportunity for ninja mfer holders to do exactly that. They are now able to leverage the information and news shared in the noted channels to be able grow their portfolio for bigger NFT plays.
LFG ninja mfers!



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