The NinjaDevs Manifesto

Who we are

NinjaDevsIO is a group of talented web developers friends located in Costa Rica.

We love to share and collaborate with other developers about our experiences with a vast amount of web development technologies, among other areas as well.

The richness of our group is what make us great and we know that a single person does not know all the different techs & tools in the development ecosystem, that’s why we are shaped by really good devs from different capabilities.

We don’t want to follow the same schemes as traditional tech organizations, we want to spread the love and passion for code with others in a more flexible way

What we do

Our mission is to spread ideas and knowledge as a distributed identity providing space to bring together entrepreneurs and hackers in Latin America.

We occasionally hang out with other devs in social spaces and events to share and contribute to the community.

We are those who do it for love, we just wanna hack the way how things work in order to produce new creations.

We are also those who do it for “engineering” reasons, we build more awesome stuff mechanisms for the industry based upon reuse and innovation.

Come close, talk to us, ask for help. We’re here for you. If one of us know what you’re talking about we can probably help you in any way.