Everywhere we look we see the world becoming virtual

Everything we know, such as media, currencies, businesses, products, services and even people are being converted to digital assets. We have been creating a mirror world in the digital realm since the rise of the internet. Until recently, most of this abstract space was only accessible to computer experts. But with the technology of Mixed Reality it can be open to anyone. Now that everyone can access, understand and change the digital realm with a mobile phone we expect to see huge changes in how we use the internet.

Thanks to increases in computing power, improvements in A.I. and the ARKit and ARCore frameworks built into millions of devices we can start to see a new reality emerging. It is where everything around us is copied into the internet via computer vision, and everything on the internet is copied into our world via augmented reality.

This frictionless, spatial computing will bring a paradigm shift that we should all be prepared for.

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The slide into Mixed Reality will bring a massive need for the digitisation of billions of assets — from fashion catalogues to consumer product lines to the linking of industrial control systems with A.I. interfaces. This demand for the virtualisation of reality will far outstrip the supply capabilities of the market until a more efficient way is found to create digital artifacts or more skilled workers enter the workforce.

Although Mixed Reality is a game changer there is no central, trusted place to buy or sell products and services for it. Anyone interesting in getting into the game doesn’t know where to start as the marketplace is too nascent. The supply and demand sides need a common space to do business and, until Ninjar, there wasn’t one.

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Ninjar provides the platform for the marketplace of Mixed Reality — for clients and suppliers. We provide the tools to build the networks of Clients, Prototypers, Designers, Content Creators, A.I. Experts, Developers, DevOps, Testers and Project Managers and we organise and streamline the business process for everyone. We create and stimulate the market through communicating the vision of Mixed Reality, advertising the platform and bringing on board our contacts and existing networks of clients and suppliers.

Our advantage is that we already have hundreds of man years of experience delivering successful digital products and we have baked our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction into our platform.

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Our experience is in working with clients of all sizes to deliver cutting edge technical solutions and we understand how to bridge the communication gap between inhouse teams and external contractors.

We also understand the communication gap between different computer systems — and how to translate data between formats like presentation software into enterprise-level CAD solutions into 3D modelling packages into real-time game engines and then onto consumer level mobile displays.

The communication between different parts of the system ( human and computer ) is a traditionally a major cost factor and is something we have put a lot of thought into automating to ensure Ninjar.com is an efficient, cost effective platform. At all stages of the production the platform accounts for changes to the project using read-only electronic ledgers and automated communication streams broadcasting updates to all parties. This ensures clients are always up to date with progress and suppliers are directly accountable for their contributions.

Ninjar we are experts at managing complexity — we handle this alongside the management of virtual teams. This synergy is a non zero game for everyone involved. By bringing together a network of trusted creatives, managed by a trusted platform we can create a powerful tool for Mixed Reality creation.

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Mixed Reality is a disruptive force. The world is being virtualized for artificial intelligence and becoming a new place with new rules. Agile tech companies and first movers already recognise this and will stay competitive in the new game. But many Firms will try to ignore this Mixed Reality and keep working with traditional business processes, web pages, apps and other models until they can’t anymore.

Business and workforces will need to become experts in Mixed Reality to survive.

Ninjar is building a platform to help everyone prepare for the next stage of the game. We are helping industrial, commercial, medical and educational sectors understand where the goal posts will move to with the upcoming paradigm shift. We are building a platform for the networks of interested parties to create the marketplaces they need to enable the transition to Mixed Reality.

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At Ninjar we know that every business needs to benefit from Mixed Reality but most don’t know where to start. We understand that everyone from Global Corporations through to Enterprises and Startups will be affected by the inevitable progression to a reality painted with data and controlled with computers. We know that the next stage of disruption will be the shift away from webpages and apps and into spatial computing — where Mixed Reality becomes the interface for the A.I. processes that control everything.

Everything from complex industrial processes and simple office tasks will be augmented by A.I. but managed by humans. The surface of control between these two sides will be what we call Mixed Reality. This will change everything — just as how the rise of the internet fundamentally changed how we communicate with each other, Mixed Reality will also change how we work, live and play with one other.

The rise of Mixed Reality will create new behaviours for working and living with computers too. The Firms who understand this today, and are already using Augmented Reality to sell products, Virtual Reality to train staff, or Mixed Reality to manage industrial systems are the ones who will stay competitive in the coming years.

At the moment we notice many businesses aren’t able to keep up with the digital innovations in technology and society. Only the mega tech corporations — Google, Amazon, Alibaba — already understand this trend and are agile enough to benefit from it. For everyone else it can be tough to find management with the vision to change and harder to find workers with the right digital skills.

We understand the time and effort of hiring, training and keeping internal teams relevant. It is tough to keep highly creative and skilled employees happy because they know their worth in the job market and the creative drives of the best generally keep them out of the larger enterprises. Hiring is hard.

We also understand the cost of partnering with corporate sized consulting groups to oversee new innovations for a company. The costs of these global management consulting firms are high because they know the what happens if they aren’t contracted — the cost of failing to innovate in a market or in internal processes can cost a business everything. But partnering with Consulting Groups is expensive.

And we understand the risks businesses take when choosing to outsource innovation to smaller external studios. It’s risky because it’s often unsure if a young studio can complete a project to the correct level of quality, and it’s also risky because nine out of every 10 startups fail in the first few years,. In the worst case, clients don’t get the product they paid for, the supplier disappears and with it goes the post launch maintenance and the business relationships. Outsourcing is risky.

At Ninjar we appreciate all this because we have experienced it. Our team works with corporations, enterprises and startups to build successful communities, platforms and marketplaces around key disruptive technologies. We have bought our vision, strategy, management and production experience to launch successful platforms for social media, social games, neighborhood communities and produced augmented reality experiences for the automotive, construction and manufacturing sectors.

We believe Mixed Reality will change everything and there is a strong need for a professional, commercially focused platform to help businesses understand and create high quality content. Ninjar is that platform.

The Ninjar platform provides a complete solution for any kind of Mixed Reality project, no matter how large or small. We scale automatically to the requirements of a project by utilizing a network of highly rated and responsible experts. Our product teams are hand picked to ensure the most efficient delivery. We provide the experience and quality assurance of a larger group, the dedication of an in-house team, with fees of a smaller studio.

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Platforms are about freedom and control. As a chosen supplier to Ninjar you will be able to bid on work at a rate which is fair to you and accept or pass on any jobs you like.

The power of the platform is that it will be a central hub to introduce you into the networks of clients, industry leaders, visionaries and other expert suppliers who can help bring the vision of Mixed Reality into the mainstream.

Other work platforms, like Upwork or general job boards are based on a Bid Auction system, which leads to a price war and then to quality issues. Because they are open to anyone, anyone of any skill level can enter bids which lowers the value of the work and then the platform. To avoid this commoditization of work we will initially make Ninjar.com an Invite-Only platform. This ensures you will be rewarded fairly for your work and will find yourself in networks of highly skilled virtual teams.

Ninjar will strive to promote your skills to our clients and involve you in every project, even ones you don’t work on — but we don’t expect you to be an exclusive supplier. This is the advantage of using a platform for work — we want to encourage everyone to do as much work in the AR,VR and MR space and grow your networks too.

Ninjar has the advantage that we’ll take care of the clients, communications, legal contracts, management, billing and other commercial overheads allowing you and the clients to materialise the future.

The Ninjar platform strives to be a powerful tool for all of us to get paid for what we love — working on Mixed Reality products!

We understand where the world is heading — into a digital mirror of reality controlled by A.I and managed by people — and if you want to get involved, contact us today!

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A platform is support for the networks that grow from it. At ninjar we grow networks — virtual teams — consisting of clients, suppliers and customers — who are all excited and committed towards the vision of Mixed Realty.

A platform is support for the networks that grow from it. At ninjar we grow networks — virtual teams — consisting of clients, suppliers and customers — who are all excited and committed towards the vision of Mixed Realty.

These virtual networks are defined in software and hence easily reconfigurable, whilst keeping everything accountable. This allows Ninjar to scale development effort fluidly and efficiently which makes complex projects surprisingly cost-effective.

The fluid nature of virtual teams allows us to approach the nascent design space of Digital Reality with the correct effort for each project; assembling and disabling production networks, such as Design and Content Teams, and subnetworks such as A.I. Experts or Developers, only when needed. For appropriate projects we can also bring in new clients, such as Advertisers, and bring across existing Users for cross promotion.

We see the Ninjar platform as the foundation to give the networks of Clients and Producers their power. It is in this space that the exponential effects of network connections will emerge. By bringing together the Enterprise, Digital Agencies and Freelance Experts into one room we hope to see more understanding and development of Digital Reality across every sector. Once we reach a critical mass of experts and artists connected to industrial and commercial leaders we expect to see an explosion of innovation and a reduction in costs for the Mixed Reality space.

The permanence of the platform, a single place to orbit around, together with the robustness of personal networks — all focused on Mixed Reality — is what makes Ninjar special.

We understand that Mixed Reality is going to be a paradigm shift, and we have a clear vision of how it will change the world for the better. We want to bring everyone on board to make it happen for all of us. But our vision alone doesn’t matter that much- what matters for us is that everyone agrees Mixed Reality has massive value and the networks are empowered to make it happen.

The possibilities are endless with Mixed Reality and want to do everything we can to let the people who have ideas for the future work with the people who have the skills to build it. This is why we built Ninjar.com and this is why it matters.

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