How to run a remote retrospective efficiently? | Part 2/2

Yu Phoebe
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2 min readApr 11, 2020


Remote Sprint Retrospective

See background story

Essential Kit

👩‍💻 The facilitator | To be a timekeeper and introduce the format to the team
👨‍💻 The cool team | To review the team’s performance and to grow a better team together.
💻 Laptop
⌨️ Communication channel | Slack
💬 Video conferencing tool | Zoom
⏲️ Timer


00 Schedule a time with your team members

01 Introduce the format and quick recap of the last retrospective

02 Retrospective time

Here we go:

Around 1 | 📗 Achieve
Spend 5mins writing down things you have achieved in the sprint.⏲️Spend 1min each sharing

Around 1 | 📗 Achieve example

Around 2| 📕Stop
Spend 5mins writing down things which should be stopped in the upcoming sprints.
⏲️Spend 1min each sharing

Around 2| 📕Stop example

Around 3| 📒Next
Following from the discussion and sharing you had of the first two rounds (📕Stop / 📗 Achieve). You might have some ideas on how to improve the challenges.
Spend 5mins writing down the actionable tasks or things which can be done in the upcoming sprints.
⏲️Spend 1min each sharing

Around 3| 📒Next example

03 10 mins Discussion
04 Pick the next retrospective host and date

Thanks for reading.
If you ever have a chance try with your teams in various sizes. I would love to hear your comments, feedback and questions.



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