How to get rid of WordPress and have a static website?

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5 min readSep 9, 2022

When I was at university, at that time, blogging was a rising topic. I am talking about 2007. Sure, there was no platform like here, Medium or WordPress cloud solutions. Even Facebook was not as famous and powerful as it is today.

A true legend

Anyway, I decided to create my blog. To install WordPress, I needed a hosting and domain and so a credit card. The reason for having my first credit card was to achieve this purpose and my first credit card transaction was to buy these, and on 29 August 2007, I launched my blog.

Since that time, time flys and 15 years have passed. So a long time and the world changed. Having an on-premise solution for a personal blog is not a good idea anymore. And I think it makes sense anymore

Small sites have already been replaced by large platforms. Readers read almost all content on social media or spend time on platforms such as Medium.

So I decided to create content for Medium a long time ago, and I don’t see any advantage to spending time on my blog. But although this, I still need to maintain my baby regularly.

WordPress is still a great platform used by 43.2% of all CMS-based websites on the internet. I have to admit that I still love WordPress, but to be honest, I used a title like this to attract more readers :)

So as I mentioned above, although I don't use WordPress’ power for my content, I have to take care of it and pay for its hosting. To get rid of this case, I decided to convert my website to a static website and move it to a free service.

Static Content

Firstly, because I will have no engine like PHP etc., everything should be static. On my homepage, there is a PHP script that lists my latest Medium posts. I replaced it with the below JQuery one.

Secondly, I need HTML exports of my posts or entire content. To do this, there is an excellent plugin:

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