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nipafx news #81–6th of December 2020

Hi everyone,

in a few days (on the 10th) Java 16 will be forked from the main line (think of it like creating a release branch) and after that, only bug fixes will make it into the new release. That means it’s a good time to see what we’ll get. In this newsletter, I’ll do that by highlighting the various projects and how they’re moving along.

I send this newsletter out some Sundays. Or other days. Sometimes not for weeks. But as an actual email. So, subscribe!

Project Amber

The biggest news still come from Project Amber. For Java 16, it progresses the three preview features it currently has in the race. …

nipafx news #80–3rd to 5th of October 2020

This newsletter was a twofer — here are both parts.

I send this newsletter out some Sundays. Or other days. Sometimes not for weeks. But as an actual email. So, subscribe!

Good news everyone,

I can finally take CodeFX behind the barn and shoot it!

Sorry for the graphic image, it’s just that I’ve become quite annoyed with the old site and am happy that the new one is finally ready to launch. But more on what’s ahead in the next part. This one is for looking back…

Looking back

I don’t want to spend too much time reminiscing about CodeFX and the blog, but it became too important for my life to not at least have a quick eulogy (you know, after murdering it). …

CodeFX Occasionally #79 — 18th of May 2020

Hi everyone,

surprised to read from me on Monday? As I often do, I wrote this over the weekend, but somehow I ran out of time (recurring problem at the moment) and so I finished it today. I wanted to tell you about a module resolution detail that bugged me the other day as well as a refinement to your SDKMAN! setup. I also finalized the guest list and timeline for my 25 hour Java stream.

I send this newsletter out some Sundays. Or other days. Sometimes not for weeks. But as an actual email. So, subscribe!

Module resolution before and after Java 11

Last Tuesday on stream, we once again tackled StackOverflow questions and one of them involved module resolution. Only indirectly and non-consequentially, but there was one detail that really threw me off while debugging module resolution across different versions: What’s the role of for code on the class path? …

CodeFX Occasionally #78–30th of April 2020

Hi everyone,

I hope you and your friends and families are all healthy and safe. Beyond that, I hope that whatever degree of lockdown is enacted in your country does not threaten your livelihood. If anybody got laid off and is looking for a new (remote) job as a software developer, let me know and I will share your CV in my network. On my end, me and my family are doing ok and I feel very fortunate that our biggest problem is the logistical challenge of home-schooling our daughter.

Now, let’s turn away from the current crisis for the remainder of this newsletter. Which is looong. Most of that comes from a niche problem very few of you may encounter, though — setting up conference calling with a proper camera on Linux — and yet I hope it’s entertaining enough to be worth your time. I also cover OpenJDK’s new hot project, Leyden, copying dependencies with Maven, Java’s birthday, Accento Digital, and SDKMAN!, …

CodeFX Occasionally #77 — 19th of January 2020

Hi everyone,

I’ve spent a few hours this year digging into Java 14 and because I’m not going to have the time to write proper posts about that any time soon, I want to at least share my notes. The lack of time stems from working on my new site: It’s a lot of fun and coming along pretty well and I thought I might tell you a little about my adventures in web development, so I summarized how I created an animated, pure-CSS popover. …

CodeFX Occasionally #76 — 5th of January 2020

Happy new year everyone,

I hope you had a good time those last few days and are ready to rock 2020. I’m definitely full of energy to make this year a good one! Here’s how…

This is the second half of the turn-of-the-year newsletters, focusing on my plans for 2020. Last week’s warnings on self-centeredness fully apply.

I send this newsletter out some Fridays. Or other days. Sometimes not for weeks. But as an actual email. So, subscribe!

Motto for 2020

Every year I pick a motto for my professional endeavors, a headline for the year, so to speak. Last year’s was all the things where I gave myself permission to produce content whichever way I like as long as it comes out regularly (aimed for once a week) and discoverably (all easy to find from a single source). …

CodeFX Occasionally #75 — 31st of December 2019

Hi everyone,

today’s the last day of 2019 and I hope you all had a good year! Mine was… weird. I mean, 2019 — what kind of off-beat number is that even?! Now, 2020 looks much better! But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. In 2019, some big things went well, but a lot of smaller things didn’t. I’ll examine both in this newsletter, which, as is custom, is part one of a twofer about 2019 and 2020. Expect part two next weekend.

Usual caveat:

Naturally, this is an exercise in navel-gazing. I’m doing this more for me than for anybody else because putting my thoughts in writing sorts them out and publishing them makes sure I can’t easily go back and retcon the stuff that didn’t work out. If you’re not into me talking about myself and are here for the Java content, I kindly recommend to skip this weekly and the next. …

CodeFX Occasionally #74 — 29th of June 2019

Hi everyone,

it has been a couple of months of preparations and a few hints here and there, but now it’s finally time to come out big and tell you about an amazing project that I’m fortunate enough to be involved in: Accento, our own fracking conference! 🤯

(Warning: I’m totally hyped about this and may occasionally go overboard with the superlatives. Please excuse me, but, have I mentioned THAt i’M tOTAlLy HyPEd?!)

I send this newsletter out some Fridays. Or other days. Sometimes not for weeks. But as an actual email. So, subscribe!

Wait, what?!

Yes, you heard that right, I’m organizing a conference. As always when I enjoy something, be it blogs, YouTube channels, Twitch streams, or, apparently, conferences, I develop the urge to try and do it myself. I mean, think about it, with a passion for Java and its community, what better way to create something bombastic than to organize a conference?! …

CodeFX Occasionally #73 — 16th of June 2019

Hi everyone,

and a good Sunday evening! ☀️ Around here it is indeed sunny and I had a great time yesterday evening hanging out by the Rhine, enjoying good company and a nice sunset. Small complication: tons of mosquitoes. My family took to counting the bites today and we ended up at about 135. 😲

Anyways, here’s a little read on how pattern matching will show up in Java, what to do when you need to run a command a few times and average its run time, as well as a new Project of the Week — a segment I’ve renamed since it’s not even close to being weekly anymore. …

CodeFX Occasionally #72 — 7th of June 2019

Hi everyone,

there’s been some new development on Java 13 and I recently experimented a little with the new, hot, and blazing fast web frameworks Quarkus and Micronaut, so I thought it’s time for another newsletter. Without further ado…

I send this newsletter out some Fridays. Or other days. Sometimes not for weeks. But as an actual email. So, subscribe!

Text blocks in Java 13

Good news, everyone, we got another shot at multiline strings, now called text blocks, in Java 13! Here you go:

String html = """
Hello, world

Here are a few interesting details:

  • the opening delimiter is not just """, but includes the line terminator - yes there has to be a new line! …


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