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nipafx news #91 — 12th of September 2021

Hi everyone,

I wanted to send this on Sunday. It’s still Sunday (where I’m at), so here it goes. Less than what I aimed for but the important parts are there: A thorough (I hope) discussion of long-term support and an invitation to come to Accento (now online and free).

nipafx news #90 — 6th of August 2021

Hi everyone,

I occasionally get asked about my setup for coding, gaming, recording, streaming, or writing and since it’s all the same hardware, I thought I’d kill 🦤🦤🦤🦤🦤 with one stone and let you know everything about it. In a similar vein, a few people have been curious about my…

nipafx news #83–24th of January 2021

Happy new year everyone,

everybody ready to take on 2020, part 2? Sorry, I mean 2021, of course. Although the first few months will surely feel a lot more like 2020 than the years before that. (I wrote this intro on December 31st — call it premonition.) Shit, why am…

nipafx news #82–30th of December 2020

Hi everyone,

this has been a fucked up year. Somehow it seems each recent year managed to be a bit worse than the one before it. Remember Australia being on fire? That was just 12 months ago!

But while 2020 has been challenging for everybody, the real-life impact varied widely…

nipafx news

Whatever recently caught my interest re Java (me, that’s Nicolai aka nipafx 👋)

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