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Java 10 Is Coming!

CodeFX Weekly #42 — 3rd of November 2017

Pattern matching in Java 10

As promised, Mark Reinhold took in the feedback on the new Java version-scheme and made a concrete suggestion. He not only heard the clamor, though, but listened, and his plan is, in summary, to increase the $major portion of the version string with every release, so in 2018 we'll see Java 10 and 11.

  • there is no fall-through
  • nested patterns
  • switch as expression
  • sealed types

The Java Module System

My book on the Java module system has seen some churn lately. The second (of three) reviews taught me that people don’t like long chapters. Well, too bad for them, right? It’s not like arbitrarily cutting chapters in half helps anyone.

  • Casting to URLClasLoader
  • Runtime image directory layout
  • Selecting, replacing, and extending the platform
  • The little things that make big things fail
  • Summary
  • Mending split packages
  • Summary
  • Unnamed modules — A.k.a. the class path
  • Automatic modules — JARs on the module path
  • Summary
  • Modularization strategies
  • Making JARs modular
  • Summary

Project of the week: Vavr

If you can’t wait to pattern match in Java or need more power than the current proposal, check out Vavr:

Photo by Denisse Leon on Unsplash



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