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JPMS Ballot and Half Time

CodeFX Weekly #24 — 30th of June 2017

Java 9 News

The module system (or rather JSR 376) passed the reconsideration ballot and everybody’s “glad”, “very happy”, and generally thankful to Oracle, the spec lead, the expert group, and their dog. Snide aside, botching the first vote indeed seems to have made the development a little more open to outside feedback and if that stays that way, I’d be glad, maybe even very happy, too.

Half Time

Half the year is over and when it began I wrote that I needed to focus on the things that matter most. I think it’s fair to say that I have not been particularly successful with that. The best tell is that my book, definitely the work thing that matters most, is not making good progress because I keep procrastinating. I also still feel stretched thin and have the gnawing feeling that my productivity (or more precisely, my ability to focus) has declined as a consequence. So what now?

  • How to CI your master/trunk with Maven on Java 9 without disturbing regular development
  • The essence of inversion of control (in reply to a shitty post about IoC)
  • How to publish signed artifacts to Maven Central with Gradle’s maven-publish plugin
  • How to easily trigger a Travis build across repositories
  • Why Travis is not good for GitHub user/org pages
  • I generally spend a lot of time polishing my writing (not that it shows) but since this is just between us I might do that less, maybe leave you with a bullet point list of raw ideas instead of long blabla.

Project of the Week: Dex


so long … Nicolai



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