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Week 10- Gratitude Challenge

Photo by Fredrik Solli Wandem on Unsplash

Another week, another session of counting my blessings.

This week’s Gratitude Worthy Points are-

  • Today is Mother’s Day and the toddler brought home a handcrafted gift from her efforts at daycare. I have been waiting to open since Friday. So, although I did write about disliking motherhood, I do love my babies. And I can’t help but melt over this first gift. Even if it was just crafts they made her do at daycare. (She sat through and did it and that’s a lot for my little buzzing baby)
  • I tried a Mediterranean bowl yesterday. The husband thoughtfully asked the order to be sans raw onions and extra sour dressing. The thought and the dish are both most appreciated.
  • Expecting to meet family during summer- tickets for folks to come over have been booked. That’s so exciting!

This post is my tenth as part of the #GratitudeChallenge! Follow along and document your own.

The rules are simple:

  • One post a week for 26 weeks
  • 3 unique points of gratitude from the week
  • Tag with GratitudeChallenge




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