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This is an email from Sunday Snapshot, a newsletter by Niru’s Notes.

Sunday Snapshot — April Roundup

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Hello there!

To all of those who celebrate Mothers’ Day this Sunday- wishing you a glorious day celebrating the mother figure in your life.

May you too (regardless of gender orientation or stage of life) continue to be a similar source of strength and inspiration and comfort to others in your life.

This monthly newsletter is going to be crisp and to the point.

Here are the three best articles of the month with the value they lend:

  • The Secret Sauce of the world’s Best Communicators can be whittled down to four words. Really!

  • Are you Using Item Descriptions on Medium Lists? If not check this:

  • The Framework to Progress in life- even when responsibilities and the daily grind leave no time

Also, here is the handy tip for Medium:

Make a Medium list composed of articles you have loved and curated. You can start off with a subsection of your reading list and add them to a new one. Set it to public.

What this does is- it sends a notification to the writers you love whose articles you are marking for future reference anyway, and sends them an alert that you are enjoying their work. Yes, they will come to your list.

Now, don’t be click-baity. Ensure that you add a note on why you loved those articles or the key point why you included those articles in the item descriptor for each on your list. That communicates to those writers that you genuinely liked their articles and shows your personality. Who wouldn’t want to check a person like that?

With that signing off for a fabulous Sunday and month ahead.


Niru: Editor of Niru’s Notes




Short articles summarizing lessons learnt and valuable tips from books, experience, learning and more

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