3.4.0 for Android is here!

Several weeks ago we unleashed a beta version for Android. Thanks to your testing, a new stable version is here for Android and it’s better than ever.

The beta version fixed a number of things and brought Android in line. The update boasts a sleek new look and feel, more info and options where you need them, and a calendar that’s a breeze to use. You can learn more about that goodness right here.

Ok, we also broke a couple of things with the beta version, but that’s what betas are for, right? They’re also for getting those kinks gone. Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to make things right. You let us know where we had work to do. You guys. You rock! Thank you!

As you check out this new release, let us (and the world) know what you think by adding a great review on the Play store. We’re a small company and you can help us spread the word!

If you’re new to Nirvana, check out these awesome how-to resources from us and the community (plus a discount code 😉). You can also reach us in support. We’re happy to hear from you.