A new beta for Android is here!

Last month, we brought you a beta version. It included lots of nice updates, but it didn’t play well with everyone. This new update will make it easier for more users to enjoy Nirvana.

If you’re already using the beta, you’ll see an this new version in your Google Play updates.

If you’re not using the previous beta, you can download the this version right here! On the page, click the download it on Google Play link. Once you see “Beta” in the app posting, it’s ready for you. Breathe. Have a tea. It may take a few minutes to appear. After the update, you’ll need to log in using your usual credentials, so make sure you have them on hand. You are now ready to check out the beta version. :-)

You can see the full list of improvements here or by going and checking it out right now!

Thanks to everyone who tested the last beta and let us know how it worked for them! As you check out this new beta release, give us some details if you see something weird and we’ll track it down.