Epic Winning

Last month we asked you what you’ll accomplish this year with Nirvana and you did not disappoint. We’re thrilled with the response you gave. We took a look at all of the entries and have randomly drawn 5 contest winners. Here they are!


First prize: A free year of Nirvana Pro, Nirvana hoodie, T-shirt, and pegatinas*
@stevenbeatty: @nirvanahq My goal for 2017 is to use Nirvana to plan my fundraising projects to cure Huntington’s Disease. #GTD2017

2 second prizes: Nirvana hoodie, T-shirt, and autocollants*
@lillillillinda: My #GTD2017 goal is to organize my new book with @nirvanahq
@Longstreet625: @nirvanahq: I am going to write two major RO1 grants to NIH using Nirvana! #GTD2017

2 third prizes: Nirvana T-shirt, and Sutekkā*
@danielschroefe: My #GTD2017 goal is to create my first own application @nirvanahq
@knelatostada: My #GTD2017 goal is to read 52 books with @nirvanahq ?

*stickers in Spanish, French, and Japanese

Mind blown

Before we go, we want to share Nirvana founder, Elbert McLaughlin’s goal. Though he’s not eligible to win, we think it’s a pretty good one:

@elbertmcl: OK, my #GTD2017 goal: to positively impact the lives of 1 million+ people using @nirvanahq

Stay tuned as we explore the ways we can do that and, if you have any suggestions, feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments.

High five!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Remember you got this, so go for your goals!