Fresh new update to the web app!

Team Nirvana
Jul 31, 2017 · 2 min read

Updates to are now live. If you don’t see them yet, refresh your browser and there you have it. Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

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Fresher, Cleaner, Sharper
New icons, new colours, new font that looks better on a wider range of screens.

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Sleek new icon set

Aside from the default font (Proxima Nova), you now also have the option to use Trebuchet. We chose this font to make it easier to see, no matter the resolution of your screen. Go to in the Settings Menu >Preferences> Look & Feel to try it out.

Recurring tasks stay trashed
You don’t have to pause old recurring tasks anymore. When you’re done with one, just drag it to the trash and you’re done.

Clicking outside of the notes field is ok
If you click another tab, application, or elsewhere in your list, we assume you’re still writing your notes and we’ll keep them open for you. You can still click on a filter, “Save Changes”, “Cancel”, or another list to quickly get out of there. Shift+ Enter will also save and close that item for you.

Easily see items without any tags
We’ve added an empty label to the side tag cloud. This means you can easily spot those things that need more categorization.

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See all untagged items across an area or the whole app!

Pesky Pests Pulverized
Behind the scenes, we fixed up some icky code. Cleaner code is nicer :-)

Lot of love
As always, we’re thankful for your support and feedback! It’s users like you that help us to make Nirvana great. If you use the mobile app too, show us some love with a great rating on the Play or App store and let your friends know about us!

If you want to know more about how to use Nirvana, check out our these great resources. Got a question or comment? Give us a shout.

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