Nirvana 3.4.0 for Android testing is here!

We’ve been hard at work stepping up our Android version! Want to be the first to check it out?

Download the beta version right here!

On the page, click the download it on Google Play link. Once you see “Beta” in the app posting, 3.4.0 is ready for you. Hang tight, this can take a little time. Once you get the update, you’ll need to log in using your usual credentials, so make sure you have them on hand. You are now ready to test-drive the beta version. :-)

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

Add scheduled and due dates with ease.
Our open-source infinite scroll calendar makes it a breeze to add dates, no matter how far in the future they are.

See more of the info and options you need:

  • Moving a Waiting for or Scheduled item? You can easily see who’s meant to do it or when you’ve scheduled it.
  • Want to narrow down the options when you move an item? You can filter by area when choosing where your item will live.
  • Want to see when you synced last? Pull to refresh and the info’s there.

Enjoy a fresh and clean look and feel:

  • New icon set
  • New way to display tags
Nirvana 3.4.0 for Android is ready for testing!

Thanks to your help, we identified bothersome bugs and got them gone. As you check out this new release, if you notice anything wonky, give us some details and we’ll track it down.


Team Nirvana says hi and thank you!