Millennium Breakthrough — How We Got ~100% Accuracy in HR Analytics?

Aditya Yadav
Oct 1, 2019 · 3 min read

Human Resource analytics (HR Analytics) is defined as the area in the field of analytics that deals with people analysis and applying analytical process to the human capital within the organization to improve employee performance and improving employee retention.

HR Analytics is also called as

  • People Analytics
  • Talent Analytics
  • Workforce Analytics

And is done over data from sources such as …

  • Employee surveys
  • Telemetric Data
  • Attendance records
  • Multi-rater reviews
  • Salary and promotion history
  • Employee work history
  • Demographic data
  • Personality/temperament data
  • Recruitment process
  • Employee databases

It is Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Business Analytics all rolled into one in a specific domain called Human Resources.

The Pioneers in HR Analytics (aka Data Science)

What Problems in HR Does Our Algorithm/Solution Solve Perfectly?

  • Attrition Prediction & Turnover Analytics
  • Performance, Appraisals & Promotions
  • Rewards & Recognition’s
  • Training & Education
  • Leadership & Managerial Effectiveness
  • Factors of Success in the Organization
  • Applicant Discovery & Assessment
  • Interview Assessment & Scoring
  • Culture Analysis
  • Motivations, Wants, Needs, Desires
  • Blockers, Barriers
  • Employee Experience
  • Forecasting
  • Risk
  • Branding
  • People Analytics
  • Workplace/Environment Analytics

We Just Reinvented HR using our ~100% Accurate Perfect Modelling and Analysis Solutions/Algorithms

How does our Algorithm/Solution work?

  • It CANNOT use Unstructured Data e.g. emails, text, audio, video, image, speech etc.
  • It is Distributed and Sub-Linearly Scalable
  • It works with 1000’s or variables and even 1m+ variables if deployed on a cluster.
  • It makes absolutely no Assumptions
  • It is Deterministic and NOT an Approximation or a Heuristic.
  • It solves the Problems of Inference, Attribution and Causality

This is the underlying breakthrough…

Time to light a cigar…

Where can I Learn more about HR Analytics?

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