No Smarts For Me. No Thankyou!!!

Aditya Yadav
Nov 24, 2019 · 5 min read

Absolutely no smartness!!! Please don’t be smart!!! … no smart homes, smart cars, smart fridges, smart washing machines, smart coffee makers, not even auto complete. We have made an ass of ourselves.

The Elusive Voice Command

Smart Shower

We (Consumers) have been promised Voice Control as an essential part of Smartness in our homes. Which obviously works alongside a Dedicated Mobile App which we can also use.

In the last few years I personally tried (anecdotal evidence) Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Voice…

Let me tell you what I have done since then, I have completely STOPPED using Voice Features. Apart from basic short commands and queries they simbly don’t work. They are immensely frustrating in the process.

Little do we realise Voice/Conversational Engines are A.I. Complete

Please understand Voice Commands and Conversations are NOT about Speech Recognition. Useful Voice Commands and Conversations are about Intelligence. And a usable system will be A.I. Complete.

And since we haven’t invented A.I. not atleast outside Automatski. We have what we have, nothing that works as promised.

But The Smart X Also Has a Mobile App

Smart Coffee Anyone???

Yes! So it does.

The way I use my coffee machine is to go over to the coffee machine, fill the milk and beans, empty+wash+replace the coffee jug. Go back to my study and press make coffee on my mobile app.

Then I walk down to the kitchen again and pour myself a cup of coffee.

It deviates from my manual coffee machine workflow by just a teeny weeny bit.

Plus for everyone who is still planning on using Smart Device Apps, I would say its probably healthier if you walk around the house a bit more doing he chores. Thats the least way to stay healthy and active, if not fit.

The Anti-Dumbification and Ass-fatification Movement

There is a whole lot of people who are against devices and app’s that make you…

  • dumber, and
  • lazier

What Happened To All Those Smart Homes?

Downsides of a Smart Home!!!

The Smart Homes & IoT movement peaked about 1–2 years ago. When thousands of people spend loads of money to make their homes smarter. Since then the hype has almost completely faded away.

Well you can manage your energy spend. You can customize the home experience to its individual inhabitants… etc. etc.

~1 year ago we figure out how to integrate all the disparate devices from 100’s of vendors, things got standardized, smart home hubs were launched.

But then, suddenly everyone absolutely stopped using Smart Homes.

The Reason — Absolute & Imminent Compromise of

  • Privacy, and
  • Security

Not only the entire world could watch everything you did in your house. It became trivially easy for anyone to break in.

The King of Smart Gadgets — Fitbit

~1 year ago Fitbit was at its peak cycle. Everyone was suddenly a fitness freak and counting his daily steps and watching their heart beat, making and sharing charts.

But since then The Novelty died…

Suddenly nobody much was buying or using fitbits. The ones who were still buying it were a few who had missed out on the initial launch. There were 1000’s of clones in the market, none any better than anyone else.

The problem was that nobody was buying any of the clones either, probably except for some kids, who just wanted it for the heck of it as an extra toy which they asked their parents for, when they ran out of toy ideas.

People who walk or run, do it anyway. Those who don’t can’t be nudged into it on a permanent basis.

Its cumbersome to wear a regular SEXY watch and also carry and wear a Fitbit.

R.I.P. Fitbit my love!!!

Smart Cars The Final Frontier

The Truth is they are simply not…

  • Simple,
  • Safe, or
  • Any Smart
  • They Won’t Work Until Cars Are as Smart as Humans

Because Smart Cars too are A.I. Complete…

  • They Won’t Work, Because They’ll Get Hacked
  • They Won’t Work as a Transportation Service
  • They Won’t Work, Because You Can’t Prove They’re Safe
  • They’ll Work, But Not Anytime Soon
  • Self-Driving Cars Will Mostly Mean Computer-Assisted Drivers


In every science fiction movie there are people who lead the sci-fi life. And there is a section of rebels which lead a traditional living.

The novelty has died. The hype cycle is down and peaked 1–2 years ago.

A.I. (Or Machine Learning) from which our concept of Smartness derives from is overhyped and works only on powerpoints and marketing presentations.

Companies like DeepMind have yet to find a Real World Use Case they can solve.

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The transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth.

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The transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth.

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