9 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

We spend more than a third of our day staring at our mobile screens. So it becomes very important to have the right pool of apps to boost your productivity, so that, your day is well spent. So, I have created a list of 9 apps that I think are bound to boost your productivity. I use them, and so should you

1. Google Keep

Well, Google Keep had to be the first on the list. Your store house of ideas, notes and reminders. From collaborating on projects to your daily to-do, you name it and you can do it with keep. Packing features like highlighting, labels, pins, checkboxes and drawings makes it the first for pick of the deck. Your ideal note taking app, keep!

2. Any.Do

While Google Keep is the best note taking app for me, Any.Do is the best to-do list app. Sync it with your laptop, create elaborated to-do list, collaborate, set reminders and do work like a pro. The best thing that I like about Any.Do is it’s elegant design. The moment you see the splash screen with a tick mark, it gives you feels!

3. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is the perfect mailbox for you. Make email bundles, easily clear up your inbox, snooze emails (yes, snooze!), make reminders, see highlights of the day without searching through emails and tons of other features. If you are looking for the perfect email manager, this is it.

4. SoundCloud

Life is better with great music. And when we talk of music, SoundCloud is the first name that comes to our minds. Awesome user interface, inter-device connectivity, great music and curated playlists is what makes it so awesome. Download it now and start listening!

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5. Quora

It’s good to ask questions and Quora is made precisely for that purpose. Many of you must by familiar with Quora and that’s because, it is the best place to read about problems and their solutions. Some people use Quora as a replacement of facebook and that is correct in every way, as you get tons of information on Quora!

6. Dropbox

While there are many cloud storage services out there, Dropbox is my favourite. Simple and awesome UI, support for link redirects and user friendliness may be some reasons. Dropbox was a startup out of MIT and that’s what makes it very special for me. It’s easy to use and fast to load and perfect for my cloud storage.

7. Grammarly

Proofreading at it’s best. Get the corrections in whatever you write. Best plugin for chrome to check your grammar. Again being a designer, the simple yet awesome user interface is what attracts me most towards grammarly. I use it in my work, maybe you should too!

8. Pocket

Keep things on the go, in your pocket. As simple as that! Pocket is one of the most useful app on this list. You can store articles, web pages and photos in pocket and then can go through them later on any device, how awesome is that! I use it daily and it works very well for me.

9. Medium

Well, if you are reading this article, you probably already know about Medium. It is the storehouse of stories and ideas from people like you and me. It is an app that changed my life completely. It changed everything, starting from how I think to what I do and what I care about. This is the most used app on my iPhone currently so you can get how awesome and productive it is. Even if you don’t have all the apps above, you should have this one.

Well, that was my list of top apps that you should have on your phone. If you have any comments and want to add some other app, you can leave a response or you can also mail me at :