Maui Apps— APK packages

The Maui Project is a set of basic applications that follow a cohesive HIG that aims for convergence, that meaning that the same app can be used on mobile and desktop devices, such as GNU Linux distributions, Plasma Mobile and Android, and eventually even on Mac OS X, IOS and Windows.

The project is still in a very early stage but can be already tested on Linux distributions and Android, by building it yourself from the sources or using the APK packages provided:

To allow a wider testing of this applications I have created APK packages that should be updated every week for you all to test the latest changes.

So if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new and give feedback, this post is for you.

The apps that currently make part of the project and can be tested are:


file manager

Index — Maui’s file manager allows to browse your files and folders using an icon and list view with small preview thumbnails that are resize-able. You can also preview your files content like music files, videos, images, etc… on the information sidebar drawer. You can make multiple selections across different places and folders and then copy, cut, remove or share such selection of files or folders. Also, you can browse your content by tags that were used on all the other Maui applications.

For Linux based distributions you can even browse your installed applications and launch them from Index.

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image viewer

Pix— Maui’s image collection manager allows to browse your images and view them organized by album, folders and tags.

Pix UI is thought to work nicely both on desktop and touch devices.

The tags used on Pix can also be visible on all the other Maui apps.

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music player

VVAVE— Maui’s music player allows to browse your music collection organized by artists, albums, tracks, playlists and tags such as genres, composers, stats, similar artists, etc..

VVAVE also shows you contextual information about your music collection such as wikis and music lyrics, so you can have all in one application to carry around.

Also, you can sync playlists, share your collection on local networks and search for YouTube videos on the app itself.

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notes taking

Buho— Maui’s notes taking app allows to take quick notes, put together books with chapters and save links.

You add tags to your notes and with the chrome/firefox extension collect links while you browse the internet.

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