Nitrux Weekly Summary — 1st-4th October 2019

Uri Adonay Herrera
Oct 6 · 1 min read

Today we’ll kickstart a weekly stream of updates from Nitrux. These summaries will contain news about what we have been working on and will be in addition to whatever posts we make on social media.


  • Create a Docker image where our builds run.
  • Start to use `synth` to generate the ISO images.

NX Software Center

  • Implemented backend to fetch appimages from Opendesktop Stores and, eventually, AppimageHub.

Maui AppImage Packaging

  • Fix issue with icons not loading.

Nitrux ISO

  • Build and test ISO files of Nitrux without systemd.
  • Add more icons to the Lüv icon theme for better support of Maui applications.


  • Make znx more flexible with partitioning.
  • Allow for znx to be interactive, i.e., ask the user for confirmation.

MauiKit Development

  • Prepare Index and VVave for their first public release. Then work on Buho and Nota.
  • Complete MauiKit documentation.
  • Make release APKs of Maui applications on stores for Android, such as F-Droid or Google Play.

We’re a thriving company making dreams come true. One byte at a time.

Uri Adonay Herrera

Written by

I’m a Graphics Designer, Linux user and founder of Nitrux.


We’re a thriving company making dreams come true. One byte at a time.

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