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Understanding Testing Quadrants

This article explains the relationship between Test Automation and Agile Test Quadrants. The concept was introduced to understand the relationship between various kinds of testing methods using 4 testing quadrants.

1. Help classify and understand tests into various categories for easy comprehension and coverage.
2. Helpful for planning.
3. Identification of resources early.
4. No hard rules for categorization.
5. Does not infer the order of tests.
6. Not all types of tests are required.

Quadrant 1: Technology-facing tests supporting the team.
Quadrant 2: Business-facing tests supporting the team.
Quadrant 3: Business-facing tests that examine the product.
Quadrant 4: Technology-facing tests that examine the product.

Let’s deep dive into each quadrant and see what kind of tests are included in which quadrant and what how does it benefit the overall testing of the product.

In addition, there are different types of tools that are used in these testing methods which can be summarized in the quadrant table as follows.

The goal of this concept and exercise is to understand test types and their placement in different aspects such as business needs, team support, technology impact, and examination on the whole.



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