Conscious Contact

Right where you are.

You feel mentally tired this morning. You know this because your body is saying so. You are tightly wrapped in the illusion that perfection exists. You know better than to view this illusion as a reality.

You may try your best, though. Be the best employee you know how to be. Be the best friend you know how to be. Be the best parent you know how to be. Be what you know “how to be”, and understand that life happens. You are going to come up short of perfection. This is okay! This is where you may learn to focus better. This is where you learn your lessons. This is the Universe reminding you that you are human, and you are not meant to be perfect.

Focus on what you have, and not on what you don’t have. You are invaluable and loved. You are healthy and strong. You are learning the value of being independent, more and more each day.

Remember to trust the Universe. There is a plan, and a path set out before you. Remember to walk with grace and humility. Remember not to compare yourself with others. We were all made to be different for unique reasons.

Keep in check what your vulnerabilities are. Do not act on the account of feeding your ego to seek validation. You are good right where you are.

Just for today, be the person you have worked hard to be.

Much gratitude,


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