Conscious Contact


I sit here.

It is about 6 am.

Gonna get quiet.

My mind is on fire, and my heart is cold.

Gonna get quiet.




You are a magnet today. You are learning to be quiet. As you learn to be quiet, the people around you want to hear. Hear you. But you stay quiet. Delve into your creative ways, and let it all speak there. The quieter you become, the louder your vibrations become. So much noise. So much noise. Not enough sound.

A humble mind comes from a humble heart. Humility. Humility checks the ego. Healthy ego vs. the over driven ego. The over driven ego is insecure. The over driven ego projects those insecurities to those around them. Recognize the over driven ego, and check it’s coat at the door. That coat ain’t going to keep you warm. You wear it because you are cold.

Sit by the fire of your passions.

Turn the noise down.

Turn the vibrations up.

As much as you are tempted to reach outward for your confidence, remember that approval seeking leaves you lonely.

I approve of you.

It is all that matters.

As much as you are tempted to reach outward to gain acceptance, remember that I accept you, just as you are.

For I made you whole. You break into pieces as you drift from our bond. You bind those pieces as you drift back. Each time you drift back to me, you have learned to stay a little bit longer.

Truth telling is not always easy. We do not understand at each moment why we do the things we do. Why we behave the way we do. We can not understand at each moment, yet we can be aware at each moment. Awareness is your reach. Reach for sound mental clarity. Sound mental clarity equates to a sound beating heart.

Nobody does this perfectly.

Be the perfect you.


Clear mind.

Clear heart.

Clear physically.

Detox the impurities.

It is easy to grab for dirt when we feel too clean.

At times, the dirt is necessary, for being too clean can find us becoming complacent. And becoming too complacent may drown us with an overactive ego.

Just for today, keep your ego in check. You are not above or below the line.


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