Power of Persuasion

It does not exist

We think that we can change the minds of others. This does not exist. We think that we can persuade others to walk a different path. This does not exist. Why do we think that we hold the power of persuasion? Truth is, there is no such power. What is in our power, then?

Other folks may live a life we do not agree with. Others may speak words we do not agree with. Others may feel, think and act in ways we do not agree with. How do we get them to change their ways when we feel their life, words, feelings, thoughts and actions aren’t beneficial to themselves and the people around them?

We don’t “get them to change”. The change must come within them, alone.

What can one do then? What do we, as individuals, have the power to do? How are we influential for others? How do we get our points across to others?

Keep things direct and simple for the receiver of your messages. State how you feel about an action they are taking or have taken. State the possible consequences of the action they are taking or have taken. Your message can be delivered, yet never received. The receiver has the power to accept the message, skip past the message, or delete the message entirely.

We can strike a chord, make a sound that makes sense for us, yet others may not hear the sound.

We can put our whole hearts into a belief, yet others may hold entirely different beliefs.

We can believe that our thoughts are righteous, pure and true, yet others believe THEIR thoughts are also righteous, pure and true. We all want to believe our opinions and beliefs are the “right” ones.

We are battling other egos. We are battling other grounds of self-esteem. When we attempt for others to see things our way, we must come from a place where they are able to see. Nobody looks through our eyes. They have their own eyes. They are going to see what they want to see.

How then, do we become part of the equation? How are we influential to those around us?

When expressing our thoughts and beliefs to another person, allow it to come from a place of our own humility. Within humble words, hearts may open up. When hearts may open up, other paths for that person may become available to them.

Truth is, we do not hold the power to make another person do anything other than what they are wanting to do. We do not hold the power to make another person think differently than how they do. We do not hold the power to make another person feel the way they do.

We do have the power to express our feelings and thoughts with processed perception and humble words. We do have the power to change our own perceptions. We do have the power to change our own actions and reactions.

We can make sense to those around us when their own path is not threatened.

The power of persuasion does not exist. The power of perception does exist.

Understand what you have control of. Understand what you do not have control of. Understand that each person has their own life to discover on their own accord.

Much gratitude.

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