The Bridge

I am as blank as air. 
I move without sight.
The dark casts a warm wind through my windows. 
Smells of summer claim the night.
Cat Power is singing a song through the speakers.
The tunes are dreamy, mellow.
All the stars are in place, just right.
Flashing all of their yellow.
I have no destination this evening,
Walking barefoot and cooking up concoctions I have found in the fridge.
I have no lover, yet love holds me.
As I walk over the bridge.
To the other side,
Where my needs meet my wants.
To the other side,
Where my wants meet my needs.
Fulfillment glorifies my being, this moment.
I have memories of life I have not lived yet.
As I keep my eyes on the light.
My heart is opening into the sky,
And I,
Do not fight.
What is.
What is will be,
What always has been.
For that I am free,
In this whirlwind of time,
Romancing this love,
Far from my mind.
It is far from my mind.
It rests and lives in the core of my heart.
Where time is not time,
Abstract like art.
The meaning will never come.
The definition will never come.
As I come undone.
Blank as the air.
I hover nowhere.
I hover nowhere.
I hover nowhere,
For, I am,

Written by Nix

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