You Taught Me This
A Life Letter 

Knowing you has taught me this.
Knowing you has taught me how to return back to myself.
Like a boomerang chasing the sky,
And returning.
Back into my own hands.
My life is in my hands.
My lonely times are in my hands.
My joyful times are in my hands.
My ache is in my hands.
My smile is in my hands.
For some reason, and I can not place the reason of why, you have taught me this.
I will always return to self.
I can feel you from far away, as if you were in front of me.
I can hear your thoughts, as if you were speaking them quietly to me.
Maybe they are my own thoughts.
Maybe they are yours.
Seeing that I return to self, those thoughts must be mine.
They must be mine, but I can feel your thoughts.
I know that I can. For I believe you hold up to me, my mirror. You may not know this, but you do.
You hold up this mirror of images, scattered and wild. I can place the pieces together and view the reflection. I can view the entire reflection and see something valid, vivid, and beautiful. The picture is clear. I understand what you hold in your hands. 
Our conversations are non-verbal and indirect. I hear you. I hear your Soul across the highways, across the water, in the winds. I hear it. You speak to yourself in a silence and I can hear it. I can hear it. I can hear it. I can hear your thoughts wind down and drift into the air. The air drifts into my back door, as I peer outside onto my deck. 
You have taught me that connection, true connection baring light and grace, surpass all parameters of social bounds. Our connection is boundless. It is free. It is pure. It is valued. It is loved. It is cherished. It is held so closely to my heart.
You have taught me this.
You have taught me this.
You have taught me this.
You have taught me that I always return to self. 
I know when to leave verbal space with you, and become quiet.
When I become quiet, I can hear myself. When I can hear myself, I can hear you. I can hear your energy, no matter where you may be. I am the sky, and you are the sea. The stars are all the same.
 You have been a part of my songs that I sing to myself. A part of my poetry that I write on the screen, in a book. You have been a part of the lessons I have respectfully learned. I wanted to be a fuller “me”. Across the highways, across the waters and in the wind, you have helped me do this. You may not know it, but you have.
I am the sky and you are the sea. The stars remain the same.
I am attached to being unattached to you. 
This, my friend, is freedom.
It is powerful.
I am me, and you are you. 
“I have my path, and you have yours. I am not willing to take a detour.” 
I would lose myself finding my way to you. And in losing myself, you would be gone. 
From day one, I have returned back to myself in knowing you. For this, I am grateful. You may not know that you have done this for me, but you have.
I knew since day one I wanted to know who you were. I did not know back then that I simply wanted to know myself better. For that is what you do for me. You return me back to myself.
 I am the sky. You are the sea. The stars remain the same.
I suppose what I am trying to say is thank you.
Can you hear that?

Written by Nix

Photo courtesy of Carla