Employee Spotlight: Neha Gupta

In conversation with someone who truly believes in creating a brand identity

In this edition of Niyo’s employee spotlights, we got up close with Neha Gupta. If you’ve heard of the expression “Dilli meri jaan”, Neha lives by it! Born and raised in New Delhi, she completed her Masters in International Marketing from the Delhi School of Economics. She is inclined towards creativity, loves travelling and is passionate about art. Neha joined Niyo during its nascent stages and currently works as a Marketing Manager.

“I like the spontaneity at Niyo — it keeps me on my toes. We’re a young company working on defining Niyo as a brand. Creating something new every day to spark brand awareness amongst the masses is very exciting.”

Q: What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

A: Whenever a new project or campaign is underway and there’s a lot of work, that fills me up with energy. I know how my day is laid out. I might have 20 things on my plate and if I accomplish only 5 tasks that day, having those 20 to-dos gives me an adrenaline rush. Going to the office is not just about work, it’s about meeting people, interacting with them and learning something new from somebody every day.

Q: What has been your career path before joining Niyo?

A: Fresh out of college, I interned at Indian Express, New Delhi for about three months. Later, I worked for a year to build the personal brand of the brand communications head of Indian Express.

From there on, I moved into marketing for a real estate firm. While working there for about 5–6 years, I learnt the basics of marketing from ATL and BTL, to corporate gifting and organizing events. I love hosting events whether it’s at home or in the office and have the drive to get things done.

In time, I worked with a BTL marketing agency for almost 2 years on a mix of brands like Tata Tea, Apollo Tyres, Eicher Motors, etc. This helped me understand how an agency works with a wide range of clients and products using different channels or approaches to market their unique product. Here, my love for managing events was rekindled.

Subsequently, I decided to give event management a shot and start something of mine. I reached out to a friend who was already working in this space and looking for a partner. For almost a year, we worked together on a few weddings and corporate events. After giving it a year, things were not shaping up well for both of us, so I decided to move out first and later on, she sold the company to some investors and started working at Google.

Q: How did you get your job at Niyo?

A: My consultant called me about a communications manager opening at Niyo. She spoke highly about the company and its work culture. She also mentioned that she had hired many people for the company and that they all were very happy. Since the company was based out of Bangalore, and the marketing team was in Mumbai, I wasn’t sure how it would work out. She said that I could work from Niyo’s New Delhi office and travel to Mumbai whenever needed–and travelling was not a challenge for me. Finally, a month after my first interaction about this job, I joined Niyo in May 2019.

Q: What entails your typical workday?

A: We start our day with a team huddle to discuss the tasks for the day and from there on we start working on our individual KRAs. My work is a mix of handling content creation, social media creatives, design, the execution of corporate communication, and liaising with external agencies–usually social or digital media or content agencies. We create something new for the brand and work towards brand building and awareness.

Q: Are there any specific traditions/habits/culture quirks in your team?

A: Whenever we’re working on a new campaign, even though one person takes the lead on it, the entire team pitches in ideas. Our team has members with a wide range of expertise — digital marketer, social media marketer, a journalist like me, an analyst, copywriters, etc. So, we get a wider perspective that transpires into an amazing campaign. When we showcase the campaign to an internal/external audience, we’re confident and happy about our deliverables. We’ve all made a habit of investing 120% effort into whatever we do.

Argho and Vineet are great leaders and let everyone have a work-life balance. I experienced this first-hand when my family was affected by COVID. I was under so much massive mental trauma that I just didn’t want to work. Vineet gave me the option to take it slow and get back to work whenever I felt ready. I am so grateful to be working with a team that understands personal space as well. Everybody’s cooperative and understanding even though I haven’t met most of them personally. Compassion runs top-down through the team because of the way our culture has been set by the leaders.

Q: Are things different now that we’re all WFH?

A: Good thing about WFH is — I eat fresh, hot meals. What do I miss? I miss meeting people. Workwise, we’re accomplishing everything because of technology but the personal connection is missing.

Until now, I had never invested in mutual funds, but recently when I worked with the Niyo Money Team, I realized that most of my team members are younger than me and actively investing. I spoke to the team to understand how it works and now I’ve started investing. This is what happens when you meet people — it expands your horizons.

Q: What has been your favourite project so far at Niyo? Why?

A: Every event I’ve helped coordinate at Niyo so far. I would say that the NiyoX launch event was my favourite because I spearheaded the event and it had some wow elements. Over and above that, I got to meet and interact with the leadership team post the event, so that was a good feeling after being at home for almost a year.

Q: What do you like about working at Niyo?

A: I like the spontaneity at Niyo — it keeps me on my toes. We’re a young company working on defining Niyo as a brand. Creating something new every day to spark brand awareness amongst the masses is very exciting.

Q: How has your career grown since starting at Niyo?

A: I joined Niyo as a BTL (Below the Line Marketing) Communications Manager and gradually moved towards the brand side of marketing during my 2.5-year journey here. So far, I have had the opportunity to work for Niyo Bharat which is for blue-collar employees, Niyo Money which is purely a wealth management platform and now as Marketing Manager for Niyo Global SBM which is for niche premium travellers. I think I’m the luckiest person who got to explore so many products within the team.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A: I get inspired by everyone around me because I learn something or the other from them. I believe in the magic of ask, believe and receive. If we genuinely believe in something, we work towards turning it into reality someday.

I also believe in being thankful for the simplest of things in life — the job I do, the people around me, and the food I have. These are two of my learnings from the very few books that I’ve read.

Q: What advice would you give someone who wants to join Team Niyo?

A: I would say, “Be ready for fireworks! Anytime, anything can come up, mainly because our founders are young and we’re a fierce team. We do things quite spontaneously, so be prepared for any challenge.

Q: What is the most inspiring part of your job?

A: Creating a brand identity excites me. Holding my head high and saying I work for this brand and working towards that dream of creating the brand, is something I look forward to each day. Whether I’ve worked on a particular campaign or not, I feel proud when it finally goes live. For example, when the TV ads came out during the IPL matches, I showed my family and said, “I work here!” As laymen, when they see something on TV, they relate to it. It feels great to create something that invokes a ‘larger than life’ feeling and people begin to recognize it.

A glimpse of Neha’s art

Q: What’s something most people don’t know about you?

A: I’m a chatterbox and I tend to overshare. So, I don’t know what people know or what they should know. I used to participate in exhibitions in school. I remember making a small painting and it got sold on the very first day. It gave me a deep sense of happiness that led me to think that maybe someday I could become MF Hussain. [chuckles]

Q: What are you doing to entertain yourself during the current pandemic?

A: In the initial few months, it was Netflix and chilling. We are a family of foodies, so I tried my hand at cooking a lot of new dishes. I’m a little too lazy to wake up early in the morning but tried yoga on and off. I’ve been upskilling — learning digital marketing and wealth management — can’t call it entertainment, but this has kept me busy.

Would you like to work with Neha on your next project? Do check out Niyo Careers for any open positions in your field of expertise. Get a sneak peek at our culture and the cool people who turn ideas into reality, check out Niyo behind the scenes.



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