Fox & Crow

Pub, Restaurant, Venue — Icon of Jersey City Heights

Greenwich Village will always signify beatniks and folk singer pubs of the 60s. Soho will forever conjure pop 80s clubs.

At the Fox and Crow — a swirl of guitars and Pollock patterned jeans — you picture what talents will mash up here into napkin sketch ventures.

What Kerouac-Ginsberg-esque back room shows will brand the heights a Greenwich sentimentality?

The back room’s appearance mirrors the Milieu; It’s a juxtaposition of styles and feels timed to the 90s retro revival but it’s not trendy. It’s professionally crafted — and good thing — patrons could tell.

Despite the scene, this isn’t just a place for artists; there’s a demographic spectrum and the food and bar are exceptional. But, being 10 minutes from 100 other exceptional destinations down the hill, the scene may be what distinguishes the Fox and Crow and will make it an icon of the heights.

Head over to the Fox & Crow on Saturdays after
the Sounds of Summer Music Series