Scaling Agile is not the Path to Business Agility

Stories from the frontlines of Agile and Digital Transformations

Inês Almeida
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22 min readJun 16, 2018


Business agility is the ability of an organisation to sense changes internally or externally and respond accordingly in order to deliver value to its customers. Business agility is not a specific methodology or even a general framework.

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Today, Agile is the darling of the corporate world, and what we have gained in amplification, we have lost in vision and ambition.

The large corporate business, challenged by new entrants, tech companies and blurred industry lines, is looking to drive sustained growth and unique competitive advantage.

The enterprise pursues business agility by embarking in Agile, digitisation, and technology innovation initiatives. These transformational journeys are full of ups and downs. Copying the strategies, processes, and operating structures of Tech companies and Silicon Valley unicorns has delivered some results, but few corporate businesses have reached unicorn status.