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Monthly Headlines

NKN launched on Gate.io, opened NKN/USDT and NKN/ETH trading pairs

R&D Monthly Update

NKN core source code is officially open-sourced 3 weeks in advance of schedule and roadmap is updated

  • Implemented and released the first version of NKN JavaScript client
  • Implemented decentralized data transmission network base on Chord DHT
  • Implemented proof of relay using signature chain
  • Implemented the first version of cellular automata based consensus algorithm
  • Redesign and unify REST/RPC/Websocket api
  • Improve building flow and add Docker support
  • Many other improvements and bug fix
  • Release the design and preliminary implementation of distributed data transmission network based on Chord DHT;
  • Release the design and initial implementation of Proof of Relay (PoR);
  • Release the design and initial implementation of the decentralized public ledger based on PoR and CA consensus algorithm;
  • Launch a prototype blockchain system with data transmission capacity and PoR;
  • 15 node testnet deployed in 15 regions globally;
  • Develop clients with graphical user interface (GUI) to provide network connectivity and user interaction;
  • Preview of SDK for dAPP experiments.
  • Optimize NKN system design to improve scalability and efficiency;
  • Further develop and improve NKN core system;
  • Develop public protocols and interfaces of NKN for other applications including decentralized applications (dApps).
  • Introduce anti-attack mechanism to prevent malicious party and collusion attacks;
  • Build test network with hundreds of nodes for testing and demonstration.
  • Further develop and improve NKN core system based on status of the testnet;
  • Develop network-intensive dApps based on NKN ecosystem.
  • Launch NKN mainnet;
  • Launch NKN ecosystem.

Release NKN Testnet Preview Demo


NKN and Dr. Whitfield Diffie / Cryptic Labs June Workshop

Progress of NKN Ecosystem Development

  • Ultra open. Anytime and anywhere, any device can easily access the NKN network.
  • Share network resources. Participants receive rewards from the NKN system by sharing idle network resources with others.
  • Co-building network facilities. NKN encourages individuals and enterprises to deploy equipment to provide services for other nodes, benefiting from automatic settlement while enhancing network connectivity and throughput.

Community Progress

Sponsor, judge and key participant in DoraHacks Hackathon

NKN Joins Blockchain Connect 2018 Conference


ABC Blockchain Community Meetup

NKN Community Helps Release Japanese White Papers and Translation of Japanese and Korean Websites

Media Review




NKN (New Kind of Network) - Indispensable network foundation for future Internet

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A Cellular Automata powered, decentralized data relay network built on Blockchain & incentivized by native token.

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