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NKN Token Swap Update: March 29, 2019

Dear NKN token holders,

We have successfully completed the vast majority of the NKN token swap from NEP-5 to ERC-20. At the time of this announcement, 95.5% of NKN circulating supply has been swapped. (334,222,240 out of 350,000,000). In addition, the NEP-5 smart contract is now locked preventing any further token transfers or trades. This concludes our 3 month campaign to migrate entirely to ERC-20.

This significantly simplifies and improves liquidity, since all exchanges now only supports ERC-20 NKN token for trading. No more ambiguity. Thanks to our token holders for your effort and a special thanks to all the participating exchanges for your support!

For the remaining token holders who did not manage to swap due to uncontrollable reasons, your NEP-5 tokens are totally safe and you will not lose your tokens. We plan to create a window during the last 7 days of each month (*), in which we will temporarily re-enable the online token swap tool. So please mark those dates on your calendar now, so you will not miss out on these last remaining opportunities to complete your token swap.

*Note: the tentative dates are April’24–30, May’25–31, June’24–30, 2019. But we reserve the right to adjust these dates due to unforeseeable circumstances.




NKN (New Kind of Network) - Indispensable network foundation for future Internet

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