Christian Busch
Jul 14 · 2 min read

Dear NKN community,
Today we’re happy to announce that our main project — NKNx — will be ready soon! It’s been a long way, but we think that we will be able to present you a great product with features you will absolutely love!

In this letter we will give you a short overview on the NKNx launch process and the next steps we will take with you together in the next months — so let’s get started.

First of all — the timeline:

22th July to 05th August:        Closed beta NKNx 
06th August to 31th August: Open beta & mobile design
First week of September: Release NKNx 1.0

And now some deep dive into the different phases to help you get started:

1. Closed Beta for NKN Team, Translators, Supporters and invited people

We basically rebuilt NKNx for mainnet from the ground up. Because of that we decided to start a closed beta before releasing NKNx to the public. That helps us to fix bugs we coudn’t find out on our own. Also we’re simulation load spikes for productive environment.

Seats for this phase are limited — so we will first give them out to NKN Staff members and people who already supported us in the past (translators, supporters, etc.). When the limit is not reached we will give some free seats out to the community — for more informations in the future check out our #nknx channel on the NKN Discord server.

2. Open beta & mobile design

After we squished all bugs in closed beta a public beta will start on 06th August 2019 — so that’s definitely a date you want to mark in your calendar! From that point on NKNx will be public accessible for everyone.

But be aware: we will still be rapid-developing the App — regular changes and features are expected! Main focus will be mobile adaption and performance optimizing.

3. First major release in the first week of september

A big bang will happen in the first week of september with the first full featured version of NKNx!

From that moment on we will follow a strict versioning and development plan to add features in the future — more on that later!

Well, that’s all for now!

I hope we gave you a good overview for the future of NKNx. Our goal is to provide you the best and easiest experience with your NKN nodes as possible — and we think you will absolutely love the new NKNx!

But remember: NKNx is a big milestone, but we got so much to share with you in the future — so stay tuned for more!

NKNx-Team (Christian, Andrew and Sam)


News for NKNx — The NKN node and wallet tracker

Christian Busch

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News for NKNx — The NKN node and wallet tracker

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