NLC Stage Set

Each year, our church goes through a variety of sermon series. This year, while a couple of different series will come up, our main focus is on Year of the Bible. Because most of this year is devoted to one single series, we’ve been able to find fun ways to work it into the projects that we work on every year. In particular, one of our latest projects: set change.

Being in the Word of God together as a church is changing so many lives, and we wanted to find a way to incorporate that into what people see each week as they gather to worship. So our question was, “What can we do on our stage that would honor God and highlight what Year of the Bible is doing in our church family?”

From a distance it looks like sound waves, but if you look closely at these pictures, you’ll see every word in the Bible, printed out on every one of these panels. It’s the entire written Word of God, on our stage every week. We want it to be a reminder for our church, because God’s Word is what’s going to change our lives.

Here is a list of materials used:
8mm fluted polycarbonate
Backlit film adhesive vinyl 
2'x12' dimensional lumber
LED light tape