Now Hiring — Video Editor

We are currently looking for a Video Editor who is passionate about the local church. Our desire is to put the hope of Jesus on display by using progressive concepts and ideas to make His name famous. We take ownership in the NLC vision because we believe that “excellence honors God and inspires people.” If your art is storytelling, and your heart is for serving the Church — in addition to having fancy skills — we have an editing station for you!


  • Has a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Committed to upholding the core values of NLC.
  • Proficient in Final Cut Pro or Premiere
  • Understands the foreign art of After Effects
  • Knows the difference between vector scopes, histograms & waveforms
  • Able to self-manage projects and time efficiently.
  • Communication skills — ability to communicate with team members, leadership, also nice and frustrated people.
  • Problem solving, ability to do research, interest in current film trends and techniques.
  • Love of variety and a variable schedule.
  • Likes people — willing to train and raise up volunteers.
  • Diversity of skills — video, lighting, graphics, photography, doodling, or even coding doesn’t hurt!
  • Team-mindedness — we succeed and fail as a team. We are team-players on every project.

If you’ve made it through that list and are still interested, here are some other perks and need-to-knows!


  • Video shoots are no joke…. Must be willing to make it through shooting in sweltering heat, carry gear a mile up a hiking trail, and endure all nature’s elements.
  • Volleyball skills are a plus, bonus if you can jump serve.
  • Creativity in making office rules, such as, “He who takes the last of the coffee must make more.”
  • Willing to glue tiny things together.
  • Random dancing fits also happen.

Most importantly, we want someone to join our family. If you feel like you’re looking for your long lost, slightly crazy brothers and sisters, look no further! Send us your resume and portfolio! Good luck and Godspeed.