Author Accelerator Member Spotlight: Aditi Banerjee

Celebrating a writer’s success

Photo byPablo Heimplatzon Unsplash

We’d like to introduce Aditi, one of our Author Acceleratormembers. Aditi recently finished the first draft of her novel and we invited her to sit down for a little interview to talk about her experience. So without further ado, here is Aditi!

Q: Okay, Aditi, can we have the basics about your project and your book coach?

Aditi: My book, The Queen Who Cursed a God is a fantasy novel and I worked on the draft for 6 months. My book coach is Jennifer Hawkins.

Q: How does it feel to have finished?

Aditi: Amazing! A feeling of excitement, fulfillment, hope and having more purpose and meaning to life.

Q: What did you do to celebrate?

Aditi: Nothing yet!

Q: What are your next steps?

Aditi: Finish revisions and begin the querying process.

Q: Why would you recommend coaching to get to a finished draft?

Aditi: Without coaching, I would not have been regular in producing pages and also would not have self-corrected in time to save dozens or hundreds of pages of false starts and wrong turns in telling the story that I wanted to tell.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us, Aditi. And again, congrats on your huge accomplishment!

Originally published at on January 2, 2018.