Author Accelerator Member Spotlight: Matthew Shannon

Celebrating a writer’s success

Photo by Pablo Heimplatzon Unsplash

We’d like to introduce Matthew Shannon, one of our Author Acceleratormembers. He recently finished his first draft and we invited him to sit down for a little interview to talk about his experience. So without further ado, here is Matthew Shannon!

Q: Okay, Matt, can we have the basics about your project and your book coach?

Matt: My book is The Bone Line, a middle grade novel. I worked with Author Accelerator book coach Dawn Ius.

Q: How does it feel to have finished?

Matt: It feels very good. The manuscript is a start. The first step in a long and challenging journey. A journey made possible thanks to the encouragement, wisdom, and passion of my coach.

Q: What did you do to celebrate?

Matt: Took the family out for dinner.

Q: What are your next steps?

Matt: Keep writing. A very wise woman once told me, the secret to writing is re-writing. Now it’s time to take a decent manuscript and make it better.

Q: Why would you recommend coaching to get to a finished draft?

Matt: Any effort that requires this level of focus and endurance can only benefit from coaching. Writing at times feels very lonely. Decisions, both technical and story driven, create intense self doubt and frustration. Having a knowledgeable, accessible, and honest coach to guide me to the answers was essential to reaching this milestone.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us, Matt. And again, congrats on your huge accomplishment!

Originally published at on December 15, 2017.